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Human Rights Activist and Utah State Alum Featured on 60 Minutes

Utah State University alumnus Greg C. Carr (B.S., History, '82), was featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes Oct. 27 for his work as an avid human rights activist, dedicating his time and millions on saving the forest in Mozambique.

Until 1998, Carr was the chairman of Prodigy, Inc., an international Internet service provider, which he acquired from IBM and Sears in 1996. Much of his success began when he co-founded Boston Technology, the first firm to sell voice mail to telephone companies.
Carr has taken his success and dedicated his time and money to humanitarian activities and philanthropic contributions. He is featured by 60 Minutes as, “using his great wealth to try to help some of the poorest people in Mozambique by attracting more tourists to the beautiful national park of Gorongosa.”

Contact: Sarah Reale (435) 797-2759,

Greg Carr in Africa

USU alum Greg Carr devotes his efforts to multiple projects in Africa. (photo: Carr Foundation.)

Greg Carr

Greg Carr


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