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Professor Vijay R. Kannan USU Inaugural Professor

Vijay R. Kannan, the College of Business, was honored as a full professor March 20 at a ceremony at President Albrecht’s home as part of the Inaugural Professor Lecture Series at Utah State University.

After receiving his doctorate in management sciences from Michigan State, Kannan said that a career in academia was not what he had originally intended for himself.
“Sometimes we travel down a path we had not planned to,” Kannan said. “Having done so, however, we need to do everything we can to make that journey successful.”
Kannan has accomplished this with his career at Utah State. He began teaching at USU in 2000, was promoted to associate professor 2001 and professor in 2005. He was also awarded the Vernon Maughan Buehler and MaRee C. Buehler Endowed Professorship earlier this year.
Kannan believes it is important to have the right environment in which to be successful.
“We need to not lose sight of the fact that our individual successes are the result of the efforts and support of many others who sometimes have more belief in us than we have in ourselves,” he said.
Kannan said that in coming to USU he found a supportive department environment through other faculty members and colleagues. He said that at USU he found students with a different perspective from traditional undergraduates, and a teaching environment with many new opportunities.
He said that one of the most important opportunities at USU is the opportunity to help students work on the global level. In 2002 he was appointed director of College of Business International Programs and now works with the International College of Business study abroad program.
Kannan believes the USU international program can help make a difference in students as citizens and business leaders.
“This is a student environment unique in the breadth of its international experience,” Kannan said. “We need to do all we can to leverage this experience and create opportunities that will enable students to be global citizens and business leaders.”
In addition to his contributions at USU, he has had more than 30 conference proceedings and 25 journal publications. Kannan was also recently elected vice president by the Decision Sciences Institute for 2006-2008, and is program chair for the Western Decision Sciences Conference to be held next month.
Professor Kannan obtained a bachelor’s degree in management sciences from the London School of Economics. Shortly thereafter, he came to the United States to attend Indiana University, where he completed his MBA with emphases in finance and decision sciences. He then went on to earn a doctorate in operations management from Michigan State University.
Alan Stephens, professor Kannan and Provost Coward.

Executive Vice President and Provost Raymond Coward hosted Inaugural Professor Vijay R. Kannan during the presentation at the President's Home. (left to right) Alan Stephens, dept. head, Business Administration, Professor Kannan and Provost Coward.

Professor Kannan during his presentation

Professor Kannan responds to a question during his presentation.

Inaugural Professor Vijay Kannan

Inaugural Professor Vijay Kannan


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