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'Replay' It Again, Sam

For the second year, Utah Public Radio at Utah State University partners with KRCL in a project known as “Replay.”

Replay” is a campaign to collect useable used musical instruments for use by Utah public school children throughout the state.
“We hope to receive $100,000 in instruments,” said Cathy Ives, general manager of Utah Public Radio. “We are partnering with officers of the Utah Music Educators Association who are endorsing this promising program.”
The “Replay” campaign began March 15 and continues through April 15.
“We know there are many students who will benefit from having their own musical instrument,” said Donna Land Maldonado, general manager of KRCL. “There is research that documents the benefits of playing a musical instrument.”
To facilitate the program’s success, organizers are working with school superintendents statewide to use school district offices as collection points for the instruments. A list of contact information and addresses for school district offices is available online at the UPR Web site.
Instruments collected in each school district will be designated for use in that district. If, however, a district receives 10 tubas and has need for only one, the Utah Music Educators Association will help place instruments in districts with those needs, Ives said. If a donor wants to donate a piano, the donor’s name and phone number will be recorded and the information will be passed to local schools where there may be a need.
Forms for documenting and recording donations have been provided to all school districts by the Cache Education Foundation. Donations are tax deductible. Donations of instruments with values up to $500 do not need an appraisal. Instruments valued at more than $500 require an appraisal from a qualified music store.
For questions, contact UPR at (435) 797-3138 or by email,
Utah Public Radio is a service of the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at USU. It broadcasts a mix of information, public affairs and fine arts programming 24-hours a day.
Source: Utah Public Radio
Contact: Cathy Ives, general manager, (435) 797-3215

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