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Seven USU Undergraduate Students Receive Research Grants

As part of Utah State University’s ongoing effort to encourage research pursuits at all levels of study, the Center for Integrated BioSystems awarded Undergraduate CIB Research grants to seven undergraduate students from various departments in the colleges of Agriculture and Science.

“This program attracts high-caliber students and involves them in ‘hands-on’ opportunities,” said CIB Interim Director Kenneth White. “They gain valuable skills in research and collaboration by interacting with other students from different areas of interests.”

The following students, mentors and projects were funded this year:

- Sherry Baker, Biology, with Daryll DeWald, “Proteomic analysis of kisspeptin treated cells

- Spencer Hyde, Biology, with Timothy Gilbertson, “Role of DRK channels in the rise in intracellular calcium ion concentration

- Justin La, Biology, with Daryll DeWald, “Understanding the role of phosphoinositides in BRMS1 mediated metastasis suppression of MDA-MB-435 and MDA-MB-231 breast carcinoma cells

- Megi Rexhepaj, Biochemistry, with Sean Johnson, “Mutagenesis of the Mtr4 arch domain

- Edison Suasnavas, Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences, with Ken White, “Long term culture and characterization of bovine trophoblast stem cells

- Kira Perry, Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences, with Ken White, “Identification of transcription factors associated with developmentally important genes in bovine scNT nuclear transfer embryos by utilizing the electrophoretic mobility shift assay

- Cody Tramp, Biology, with Dennis Welker, “Genetic and biochemical analysis of plasmid pIR52-1 in Lactobacillus helveticus

The Undergraduate CIB Research grants program prepares students for future success.
“Mitchell Bassett completed his degree this year, and is entering medical school at Duke University in the fall,” White said. “As a direct result of this participation in USU’s uCIBR program, he will enter a special program that will allow him to conduct research as a part of his overall medical training.”
The program provides support for research and travel. In addition to financial support, students meet monthly to present their research and attend workshops to prepare them for today’s competitive research environment. For more information, visit the CIB Web site.
Contact: Ken White, 435-797-2149,
Writer: Jeannine Huenemann, 435-797-8274,
CIB undergraduate research grant recipients

USU's Center for Integrated Biosystems awarded undergraduate research grants to seven students for 2009-10, including (from left): Spencer Hyde, Kira Perry and Megi Rexhepaj (not pictured Sherry Baker, Justin La, Edison Suasnavas and Cody Tramp).


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