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Smart Cookies: USU's Science Unwrapped Explores Cybersecurity Friday, Oct. 23

By Mary-Ann Muffoletto |

Friday, Oct. 23, Science Unwrapped welcomes featured speaker Charmaine Sample, chief security research scientist of Idaho National Laboratory's Cybercore Division. Her talk is broadcast at 7 p.m. via Zoom. All are welcome.

In an online world, cybersecurity is on a lot of people’s minds. The key to staying safe in cyberspace may lie in cutting-edge tools in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Utah State University’s Science Unwrapped delves into this topic Friday, Oct. 23, with featured speaker Charmaine Sample, chief security research scientist of Idaho National Laboratory’s Cybercore Division. Sample presents “Smart Cookies: Exploring Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from the Perspective of a Cybersecurity Professional” at 7 p.m. via Zoom.

All ages are welcome to tune in to the webinar on Science Unwrapped’s website, which will also feature links to video learning activities.

“We’ll talk about what artificial intelligence and machine learning are and how they affect our online interactions,” says Sample, who is a visiting academic at several universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. “We’ll also explore similarities and differences between human cognition and computing machines.”

Sample’s research focuses on deception and the role of cultural values in cybersecurity events. She also studies data resilience, cyber-physical systems and industrial control systems.

Sample’s presentation is part of Science Unwrapped’s 2020-21 “Brave New World” series, which kicked off in September and continues through April 2021.

For more information, call 435-797-3517, visit the Science Unwrapped website or view the ‘Science Unwrapped at USU’ Facebook page.

Science Unwrapped, the USU College of Science's public outreach program, continues its 2020-21 'Brave New World’ series at 7 p.m., Friday, Oct. 23 via Zoom. Featured speaker is cybersecurity scientist Charmaine Sample.


Mary-Ann Muffoletto
Public Relations Specialist
College of Science


Greg Podgorski
Associate Dean
College of Science

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