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Students Organize Fundraiser for Local Food Pantry

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By Diego Mendiola, USU Statesman, Wednesday, April 11, 2018 

A group of Utah State University students recently partnered with the Cache Community Food Pantry as part of a grant writing class project to raise funds for a non-profit organization.

The first fundraising event was held Saturday. Two more will be held the next two Saturdays — April 14 and 21 — from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by the North Logan Walmart entrance.

The fundraiser includes the raffling off of a treadmill donated by Icon — a fitness equipment company based in Logan.

“We wanted to start a raffle to incentivize people to donate,” said David Chamorro, one of the fundraising organizers. “They can donate any amount, but if they donate $5, they’ll be eligible for our raffle.”

Chamorro said the goal is to raise $4,000 for a new cooler.

“As donations get better and the community expands, we need the extra capacity of the cooler,” said food pantry director Matt Whitaker. “Without the help of the students, there would have been a definite setback in the installation and fundraising of the cooler. But it’s got to happen one way or another.”

In addition to Icon, other sponsors include Crumbl, Macey’s and Natural Grocers.

“The food pantry helps many people in Cache Valley,” said Miranda Fowler, another student organizer. “They help low-income and the unemployed. It’s important to give back to them.”

“We realize that the food pantry giving food to people who are underprivileged can be something that others don’t agree with,” Chamorro said. “In my mind, of course, we want to give back to those who aren’t able to feed themselves, who are in hard times.”

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