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USU Announces Statewide Campuses Name

USU President Noelle Cockett at USU Moab.

Utah State University announced that its Regional Campuses and Centers will now be referred to as Statewide Campuses. This includes two residential campuses USU Eastern and USU Blanding, four campuses in Brigham City, Tooele, the Uintah Basin and Moab, and 25 other USU locations ranging from Randolph in Northern Utah to Monument Valley near the Arizona border. Statewide Campuses fulfills USU’s land-grant mission of making college accessible to residents throughout the State of Utah.

“Statewide Campuses more accurately describes the collective system of USU’s campuses and centers,” said Dave Woolstenhulme, vice president of Statewide Campuses. “This name embodies the land-grant mission and reinforces our passion to work together in delivering education to all, no matter where they live.”

Woolstenhulme also noted that USU Eastern and USU Blanding will continue to be known and recognized as comprehensive regional colleges within Utah State University.

Utah State's classrooms extend far beyond the borders of its residential campus in Logan. The locations comprising Statewide Campuses provide classes via interactive video conferencing, face-to-face with local instructors and online. USU’s Statewide Campuses deliver a wide range of relevant high-quality courses, degree programs and research opportunities that combine USU’s instructional excellence with innovative technologies. Students are provided the same academic support and resources no matter where they attend. Aggie traditions are embraced with many campuses hosting watch parties for athletic events and True Aggie Night traditions on a local Block A. USU Eastern also offers athletics as part of the Scenic West Athletic Conference and National Junior College Athletic Association.  

In 1888, USU was designated as the states land-grant institution. Traveling professors would fly or take long road trips on weekends to remote areas, sacrificing much of their time to ensure students in remote areas could get an education. Today, USU’s Statewide Campuses helps the university maintain a presence in nearly every county in Utah.

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