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USU Campus Rec Provides Fitness at Home Workouts

The international Coronavirus pandemic is seeing people around the world stuck at home, and as Utah State University follows the guidelines to keep both the students and the workforce safe, Campus Recreation has created a series of at-home workouts

“Staying active is a vital part of wellbeing,” said Emmy Richards, assistant director of Fitness, Wellness and Aquatics at USU. “We wanted to create a program that would continue to engage our campus community and staff during this uncertain time, and positively contribute to their overall wellness.”

With gyms closing and programs being cancelled, many people have lost out on the opportunity to engage in exercise.

“Exercise not only helps us keep our bodies healthy and helps us stay well, it is also great for relieving stress and anxiety, which is so important in times like these,” Richards said. 

The Fitness at Home program is designed to be accessible, always available and easy to understand so people have few barriers to participation. The workouts were designed by certified personal trainers and fitness instructors and include all-level workouts that can be completed anywhere, don’t require equipment and vary in intensity and duration.

Broken into five categories – cardio, strength, core, flexibility and meditation, participants have access to a variety of workouts to fit their goals.

Richards says one key to success for working out at home is to schedule it as a meeting or appointment in the day. She also said exercise doesn’t have to happen all at once. 

“Break it down into more manageable and shorter chunks of time during the day,” Richards said.  “It can be as simple as doing 10 squats every time you stand up, or making a commitment to just stand up and move around every hour.”

As far as motivation, Richards said to create a space that you want to workout in, and invest in equipment if that is what motivates you. 

“Whether it’s clearing a spot in your garage, or finding a sunny area outside, an inviting space to exercise can help put you in the right mindset to workout,” Richards said. “If you’re motivated by financial commitments, or have goals that require equipment, invest in pieces that will help you reach those goals.”

The campus community is encouraged to check back frequently for additional workouts, class videos and tips from Campus Recreation trainers.

Those interested may follow on Instagram @usufitness for more tips.  

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