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USU Engineering Faculty Presents Inaugural Lecture

USU Biological and Irrigation Engineering faculty member Gary Merkley gave his Inaugural Lecture to a close-knit group of friends and faculty in mid-January. Merkley gave the presentation as part of USU President Stan L. Albrecht’s Inaugural Professor Lecture series.
The Inaugural Professor Lecture Series is coordinated by the provost’s office and is hosted by President Albrecht and First Lady Joyce Albrecht. Faculty members in the series have been promoted to full professor within the last academic year and present a lecture that highlights their research, creative activity or teaching at the university.
“My teaching philosophy is to always be prepared for class,” said Merkley. “Being an expert is insufficient. I am continually updating and improving my lecture notes, and I never give the same exam twice.”
Merkley discussed his career with the group and talked about how he got to where he is today. He invited only a few family members and people he considers to be his mentors at USU to the lecture.
Merkley received his bachelor’s in agricultural engineering from California Polytechnic State University and earned a doctorate at USU in irrigation engineering. He has consulted on several international water engineering projects during his career.
Joyce Albrecht, Pui Merkley, Gary Merkley and Stan Albrecht

Gary Merkley was honored at the President's home as part of the Inaugural Professor Lecture Series. (left to right) Joyce Albrecht, Pui Merkley, Gary Merkley and Stan Albrecht.

Professor Gary Merkley

Professor Gary Merkley

Gary Merkley and family

Professor Merkley was joined by his family at the reception. (left to right: son, Stephen Merkley, daughter, Amanda Merkley, Pui Merkley and Gary Merkley.)


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