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USU Extension Faculty Members Develop PowerPay Debt Elimination App

The PowerPay debt elimination iPhone/iPad app recently hit the app store, and within the first 11 days of its launch, was downloaded in 11 countries. The app, co-developed by a Utah State University Extension team led by Margie Memmott of Juab County and Dean Miner of Utah County, and a New Mexico State University Extension team led by Barbara Chamberlin, is aimed to help debtors become savers.

The PowerPay app is based on the financial tool developed in 1992 by Miner and former Extension employee Judy Harris. It was first developed as a CD, then a website, then users pointed out the opportunity it had to reach the mobile audience.

Consumers can enter their balances, payment amounts and interest rates for each debt, and PowerPay will calculate the best repayment schedule to save time and money. In addition to helping develop a personalized, self-directed debt elimination plan, the app is unique in that it also provides users the option to simultaneously build up an emergency fund as they continue to follow their debt payment plan and avoid additional debt.

Google analytics reports nearly 105,000 hits during 2012 for the online debt management tool.

Memmott said this is indicative of the need consumers have to get out of debt and customize and manage their re-payment plan to fit their individual circumstances.

“The new PowerPay mobile app can help them accomplish that, even on the go,” she said.

To download the free iPhone/iPad PowerPay app, visit the iTunes app store. For a more comprehensive version of PowerPay and additional debt elimination tools, see the PowerPay website.

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