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USU Professor Participates in Inaugural Professor Lecture Series

Utah State University professor of philosophy Charlie Huenemann presented his Inaugural Professor Lecture Feb. 26 in a presentation titled “Beneath the Boundless Sky.”
Huenemann attended the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee; he earned a bachelor’s and master’s in philosophy. He later attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he completed his doctorate of philosophy.
Huenemann has been in Logan, Utah, since 1994 teaching philosophy, where he said he inflicts “himself upon students and colleagues alike with skeptical questions and smart-aleck remarks.”
Huenemann is married to Jeannie Huenemann and has two children, Hannah and Ben.
The Inaugural Professor Lecture Series is coordinated by the provost’s office and is hosted by President Stan Albrecht and First Lady Joyce Albrecht. Faculty members in the series have been promoted to full professor within the last academic year and present a lecture that highlights their research, creative activity or teaching at the university.
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Inaugural Professor presentation, Huenemann group

USU's First Lady Joyce Albrecht (left) and Executive V.P. and Provost Raymond T. Coward (right) congratulated philosophy professor Charlie Huenemann (center) who was joined by his wife, Jeannine Huenemann, and children Hanna and Ben Huenemann.


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