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USU Professor Takes to Main Street for Book Tour

USU professor and serial entrepreneur Michael Glauser.

Utah State University professor and serial entrepreneur Michael Glauser is no stranger to writing books or riding bikes. Glauser, the director of the Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at USU, decided to do both in 2014 when he rode through “Main Street America” to find small-town entrepreneurs who’ve made their way and have built successful businesses — anywhere.

Glauser’s newest book, “Main Street Entrepreneur,” provides readers with nine keys to building a successful business that come from conversations with small town entrepreneurs across America.

Glauser is hitting the road again this summer on a book tour and Utah State University’s Alumni Association has partnered with him to provide its alumni a chance to meet him on his tour. In five cities — Logan, Utah; Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colorado; Boise, Idaho; and Washington D.C. — Glauser will speak to Aggie alumni and friends about building successful businesses wherever they are.

“This book is a continuation of my shoe-leather field research,” said Glauser in his book. “I believe this ‘Main Street’ approach to building businesses will become more and more significant for a number of reasons: first, technology is replacing jobs in nearly every industry at an accelerated rate. Second, many of us want the more attractive lifestyle that smaller communities offer. And third, our buying preferences are shifting from the large conglomerates to smaller, local businesses. I believe that sharing the stories of the amazing cast of characters I discovered will provide splendid insights for addressing these changing economic trends.

“The lessons taught by the entrepreneurs in this book reveal a new approach for navigating our changing economy. This strategy includes elements from the past coupled with modern technology that allows us to live and work where we choose.”

Glauser’s book tour will hit 17 cities in the United States this summer and book signings will take place in each city.

Watch for stops in the following cities and save the date:

Salt Lake City, Utah: June 2 (location TBD)

Logan, Utah: June 9, Huntsman Hall, USU campus

San Francisco, California: June 14 (location TBD)

Portland, Oregon: June 17 (location TBD)

Seattle, Washington: June 20 (location TBD)

Boise, Idaho: June 22 (location TBD)

Denver, Colorado: July 19 (location TBD)

Washington, D.C.: July 28 (location TBD)

New York, New York: July 29 (location TBD)

In preparation for his tour, Entrepreneur Magazine is featuring Glauser’s book with an article each week.

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Documentary videos of the original bike tour can be found online.

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Michael Glauser's book "Main Street Entrepreneur" provides readers with nine keys to building a successful business.


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