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Utah Conservation Corps Awarded American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Funds

The Utah Conservation Corps — UCC — has received $397,000 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding through the Bureau of Land Management.
UCC is an organization dedicated to improving public lands and the communities surrounding them through partnership projects, service and education. UCC has been a program in USU’s division of Student Services since January 2001.
The funding allows completion of a number of conservation projects throughout the state. AmeriCorps members from the UCC will complete travel management plan implementation projects with the Moab, Monticello, Kanab, Richfield and Vernal field offices.
“We are pleased to be working with Utah Conservation Corps in implementing travel management plans on BLM lands in Utah,” said Selma Sierra, Utah’s state director for the BLM. “We believe this partnership promotes natural resource stewardship and fosters deep, personal connections between youth and the lands managed by the BLM, which is one of our priorities.”
With the funding support, work is scheduled to begin in early April 2010, with the majority of work to be completed during summer 2010. UCC is currently recruiting for these AmeriCorps positions and, ideally, would like to fill as many positions as possible with Utah residents, said UCC Director Sean Damitz. Crew member positions run May-Aug. 14.
The travel management plan implementation project is a continuation of earlier work with the Moab and Monticello field offices. In October 2009, two, two-person teams posted signs and closed 98 illegal routes and rehabilitated 103 acres of habitat.
In an experiment in this phase, UCC will complete a portion of the project work using cargo bicycles on routes that are too rough or narrow for high clearance vehicles.
“We’re especially excited to work with the BLM using cargo bikes in completing the project work,” Damitz said. “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding through the BLM will give many more young people valuable job skills and experience through our program.”
Additional funding for the AmeriCorps positions is provided by a $313,828 ARRA AmericCorps grant received by UCC in June 2009 through the Utah Commission on Volunteers.
In 2009, UCC AmeriCorps members created or maintained 463.76 miles of trail, restored 570.5 acres of habitat and created or maintained 3.8 miles of fence.
For information about the UCC and the summer project and open positions, contact Damitz, 435-797-8134,
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Source: Utah Conservation Corps
Contact: Sean Damitz, (office) 435-797-8134, (cell) 435-770-6104;
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Utah Conservation Corps members, 2009 Moab project crew

A UCC crew working on the BLM project last year outside of Moab. From left to right, Garret Nuzzo-Jones, Maggie McCormick, Harmony Abrams and Esther Stokes. (Photo by Garret Nuzzo-Jones.)


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