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Utah State Researcher Receives Humanitarian Award

Utah State University professor Vijendra Kumar Singh took home honors recently as one of 12 recipients of the O. Spurgeon English Humanitarian Award from the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine and Temple University in Philadelphia.

Singh, a research associate professor in the biology department and Biotechnology and Genomics Research Center, was honored for his distinguished autism research.

The English Humanitarian Award is given annually to recognize special contributions to science and medicine. Those honored have toiled years, or even decades, to bring forward new knowledge for the benefit of people.

"The people honored with this award are pioneers who are on the frontier of science and medicine," said Clancy McKenzie, chairman for the department of behavioral medicine at the Capital University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, D.C. "Many of them have encountered harsh resistance in bringing forward their new works, yet the frontier is where new discoveries are made. We want to bring more public awareness to their unique revelations, so that the multitudes might benefit sooner from their findings."

Singh is an internationally recognized authority on viral-autoimmunity and autism connection, who is committed to finding the cause, treatment and cure for people with neurological diseases and psychiatric disorders, said the organization’s committee members.

"I was surprised and satisfied to receive this award," said Singh. "As a scientist you want to see that your research has direct application. It is nice to know that my research is making an impact on mankind. It truly is a humbling experience."

Dr. O. Spurgeon English was professor and department chairman of psychiatry at Temple University from 1933 to 1964, and continued to teach as a guest lecturer until his death in 1993. He was dedicated to a career of teaching and helping people in his practice of psychiatry for more than 65 years. The awards began in 2001 to honor English.

Singh received the award along with former First Lady Betty Ford and Nobel Prize winner John Forbes Nash, Jr.

For more information on Singh and his research, call him at (435) 797-7193.

Contact: Vijendra Singh (435) 797-7193
Writer: Maren Cartwright (435) 797-1355

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