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Utah State University and University of Idaho Introduce Third Mule Clone

Utah State University and University of Idaho Introduce Third Mule Clone and Set Stage for Future Research

Culminating years of research, scientists from Utah State University and the University of Idaho today formally introduced the world’’s first three cloned mules Idaho Gem, Utah Pioneer and the newly named Idaho Star.

The three foals were together in public for the first time at a news conference on the UI’’s Moscow campus on Friday. The appearance drew media attention from throughout the United States. Included at the conference was announcement of Idaho Star’’s name, which was selected in a UI-sponsored naming contest geared for Idaho school children.

"We have succeeded on many fronts," said Gordon Woods, lead scientist and UI professor of animal and veterinary sciences. "We have proven the viability and repeatability of the process we used to produce the clones. We have produced incredibly healthy animals. We have opened the door to using the horse as a model for studying age-onset diseases in humans. And we have made the science surrounding our success accessible to the general public."

Since the announcement of Idaho Gem’’s birth in late May, the scientists and the mules have been featured at numerous events, including the California State Fair in Sacramento, the Utah State University Ag Barbeque, the Western Idaho Fair in Boise, Idaho and at the Eastern Idaho Fair in Blackfoot, Idaho.

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