Trails Toolbox Website
This website is associated with the Governor's Olympic Legacy for Trails in Utah Initiative, created in response to Utahns asking for more and better trails. The State Division of Parks and Recreation and its partners are working to assist in the development and improvement of both motorized and non-motorized trails and pathways throughout the state. The overall objective is to improve the quality of life in Utah through a quality system of trails. Such a system will not only benefit Utah's residents, and visiting tourists, but also potentially attract professionals, companies, and corporations from outside the state to boost Utah’s economic momentum over the long term. This Trails Toolbox Website is part of that effort.

The Steering Committee of the Governor's Olympic Legacy for Trails in Utah Initiative approved Utah State University's Institute for Outdoor Recreation and Tourism’s proposal to develop a web-based Trails Toolbox. The Committee identified the development and provision of a “dynamic trails tool box” as an important step in establishing an Olympic Legacy for Trails in Utah. This Trails Toolbox is designed to provide a variety of information and resources related to trails, including such topics as planning, design, construction, funding, social benefits, and much more.