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Science Unwrapped Spring 2017

Event Update Join us Friday, April 7th for Dr. Dan MacNulty's presentation in ESLC 130

What Is Science Unwrapped?

Established in 2009, Science Unwrapped is a free, monthly presentation series, open to the public, hosted by Utah State University's College of Science. Inquiring minds of all ages are invited to learn about the wonders, the joys, the mishaps, the fun, the unexpected detours and the excitement of scientific discovery.

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We hope you'll join us for this exciting journey of discovery!

Science Unwrapped In The News


Do birds of a feather really flock together? Can birds recognize individual people? And why do birds sometimes crash into windows? Utah State University ornithologist Kimberly Sullivan explores these...
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How do filmmakers create frighteningly realistic dinosaurs, monsters and space aliens in such movies as Jurassic Park, Aliens and Star Wars? The answer is art and science...Read More


Utah State University physicist Maria Rodriguez dons a detective’s hat and guides us in exploring these cosmic phenomena at Science Unwrapped on Friday, Feb. 10, 2017. She presents “CSI: Black Holes... Read More