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July 1, 2010 was a significant milestone in higher education in the state of Utah. Two notable institutions were formally brought together with the creation of Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah. Defined by the legislature as a “comprehensive regional college,” the union of Utah State University and the College of Eastern Utah offers advantages to both institutions—and also for all prospective students.

Merging two historical institutions that each has had its own separate identities, traditions, cultures processes and procedures into one unified institution is no small task. There are numerous variables and challenges. Nevertheless, great anticipation and excitement has emerged from this new union as a result of combining strengths and resources. The future is bright for students in eastern Utah and for USU students statewide as a result of this unique union.

The objective of this website is to chronicle the merger transition progress between the two institutions. Consider it a webcam view at the confluence of transition activity. The transition focuses on finances, human resources, faculty resources, financial aid, student registration, information technology, communications and marketing.

Merger Milestones


Bill 69 was passed by the Utah State Legislature officially creating Utah State University-College of Eastern, the first higher education merger between two long-standing institutions in the state’s history.


Dr. Joe Peterson is named chancellor of newly formed Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah.


Historic partnership between Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah is celebrated with ceremonial bill signing by Utah’s Gov. Gary Herbert in Price, Utah.


Merger goes into effect.

Here are the main contacts for people under each of these categories.

Finances: Dave Cowley, 435.797.1146;
Human Resources: BrandE Faupell, 435.797.1812;
Faculty Resources: Michelle B. Larson, 435.797.1121;
Financial Aid: Steve Sharp, 435.797.1455;
Student Registration: John Mortensen, 435.797.9303;
Information Technology: Kevin Reeve, 435.797.0783;
Communications and Marketing: John DeVilbiss, 435.797.1358;