Dynamics of Folklore
The Dynamics of Folklore
The Dynamics of Folklore
Barre Toelken
456 pages

Published: 1996

ISBN 978-0-87421-203-7
paper $29.95s

ISBN 978-0-87421-325-6
e-book $25.00

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The Dynamics of Folklore

Revised and Expanded Edition

Barre Toelken

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One of the most comprehensive and widely praised introductions to folklore ever written. Toelken's discussion of the history and meaning of folklore is delivered in straightforward language, easily understood definitions, and a wealth of insightful and entertaining examples.

Toelken emphasizes dynamism and variety in the vast array of folk expressions he examines, from "the biology of folklore," to occupational and ethnic lore, food ways, holidays, personal experience narratives, ballads, myths, proverbs, jokes, crafts, and others. Chapters are followed by bibliographical essays, and over 100 photographs illustrate the text. This new edition is accessible to all levels of folklore study and an essential text for classroom instruction.