On Location
On Location
On Location
ed. Candace Spigelman
& Laurie Grobman

274 pages
Published: 2005

ISBN 978-0-87421-599-1
paper $26.95

ISBN 978-0-87421-501-4
e-book $17.95

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On Location

Theory and Practice in Classroom-based
Writing Tutoring

2005 IWCA Outstanding Scholarship Award

ed. Candace Spigelman & Laurie Grobman

Classroom-based writing tutoring is a distinct form of writing support, a hybrid instructional method that engages multiple voices and texts within the college classroom. Tutors work on location in the thick of writing instruction and writing activity.

On Location is the first volume to discuss this emerging practice in a methodical way. The essays in this collection integrate theory and practice to highlight the alliances and connections on-location tutoring offers while suggesting strategies for resolving its conflicts. Contributors examine classroom-based tutoring programs located in composition courses as well as in writing intensive courses across the disciplines.

While earlier scholarship has focused on logistical and administrative matters, emphasizing, the worthiness of such programs and how to set them up, this volume asks further questions--questions that challenge and even critique classroom-based writing tutoring practices and principles. It poses new theories and offers alternative vantage points from which to reconsider long-standing theoretical controversies.

At the same time, the contributors here are cognizant of newcomers' questions regarding logistical/administrative issues, especially as configurations of classroom-based writing tutoring multiply. And in a concluding chapter, the editors suggest strategies for successfully implementing this important instructional practice, and propose future sites of theoretical and practical inquiry.