Placing the Academy
Placing the Academy
ed. Jennifer Sinor and
Rona Kaufman

312 pages
Published: 2007

ISBN 978-0-87421-657-8
cloth $36.95

ISBN 978-0-87421-549-6
e-book $24.95

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Jennifer Sinor's previous book, The Extraordinary Work of Ordinary Writing, was a blend of the critical and creative. She is associate professor of English at Utah State University and is currently writing a memoir titled Conscripted at Birth. Her work has appeared in Biography, ISLE, and Fourth Genre.

Rona Kaufman is assistant professor of English at Pacific Lutheran University, where she also directs the writing center. She has written about reading, writing, and the grammars of difficulty, and has published in JAC and ISLE. She is starting a new project on the literacy and cultural work of recipes.

Placing the Academy

Essays on Landscape, Work, and Identity

ed. Jennifer Sinor and Rona Kaufman

Twenty-one writers answer the call for literature that addresses who we are by understanding where we are--where, for each of them, being in some way part of academia. In personal essays, they imaginatively delineate and engage the diverse, occasionally unexpected play of place in shaping them, writers and teachers in varied environments, with unique experiences and distinctive world views, and reconfiguring for them conjunctions of identity and setting, here, there, everywhere, and in between.


I Introduction Writing Place, Jennifer Sinor

II Here
Six Kinds of Rain: Searching for a Place in the Academy, Kathleen Dean Moore and Erin E. Moore
The Work the Landscape Calls Us To, Michael Sowder
Valley Language, Diana Garcia
What I Learned from the Campus Plumber, Charles Bergman
M-I-Crooked Letter-Crooked Letter, Katherine Fischer
On Frogs, Poems, and Teaching at a Rural Community College, Sean W. Henne

III There
Levittown Breeds Anarchists Film at 11:00, Kathryn T. Flannery
Living in a Transformed Desert, Mitsuye Yamada
A More Fortunate Destiny, Jayne Brim Box
Imagined Vietnams, Charles Waugh

IV Everywhere
Teaching on Stolen Ground, Deborah A. Miranda
The Blind Teaching the Blind: The Academic as Naturalist, or Not, Robert Michael Pyle
Where Are You From? Lee Torda

V In Between
Going Away to Think, Scott Slovic
Fronteriza Consciousness: The Site and Language of the Academy and of Life, Norma Elia Cantu
Bones of Summer, Mary Clearman Blew
Singing, Speaking, and Seeing a World, Janice M. Gould
Making Places Work: Felt Sense, Identity, and Teaching, Jeffrey M. Buchanan

VI Coda
Running in Place: The Personal at Work, in Motion, on Campus, and in the Neighborhood, Rona Kaufman