Mule Deer

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Mule Deer
Dennis D. Austin
6x9, 296 pages

Published: 2010

ISBN 978-0-87421-741-4
paper $20.95

ISBN 978-0-87421-742-1
e-book $1795

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DENNIS D. AUSTIN, is a retired research scientist with more than thirty years of experience working as a wildlife biologist for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Mule Deer

A Handbook for Utah Hunters and Landowners

Dennis D. Austin

Mule deer are a familiar sight to residents of Utah and the Intermountain West. Sportsmen hunt them, others seek a glimpse of them while hiking or camping, drivers dodge them, and homeowners sometimes delight, sometimes fret as deer visit backyards and gardens. Deer, many of which live in the towns, cities, and farms that sprawl over their historical habitat, sometimes seem ubiquitous. Useful information about them, either scientific or practical, is less widespread.

In this handbook, Dennis Austin fills that need for information, offering a one-stop reference packed with up-to-date knowledge and practical advice on mule deer. Data on deer herds, analysis of their habitat and forage needs, their seasonal cycles, understanding of their relationships with livestock and predators, wildlife management policies, what landowners should know about dealing with deer, practical considerations for hunters, and much moreżall can be found here in this complete, well-illustrated guide to the history, biology, hunting, and management of mule deer.