Reframing Writing Assessment
Reframing Writing Assessment
Linda Adler-Kassner
and Peggy O'Neill
6 x 9, 180 pages

Published: 2010

ISBN 978-0-87421-798-8
paper $26.95

ISBN 978-0-87421-799-5
e-book $20.95
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Reframing Writing Assessment

to Improve Teaching and Learning

Linda Adler-Kassner
and Peggy O'Neill

"This book is a resource to teachers and administrators who are interested in engaging in the dialogue about assessment and in taking action. The strategies and examples are excellent and show a fine awareness of the differing perspectives of teachers, administrators, and policymakers."
—Sandra Murphy, University of California, Davis

Public discourse about writing instruction is currently driven by ideas of what instructors and programs "need to do," "should do," or "are not doing," and is based on poorly informed concepts of correctness and unfounded claims about a broad decline in educational quality. This discussion needs to be reframed, say Adler-Kassner and O'Neill, to help policymakers understand that the purpose of writing instruction is to help students develop critical thinking, reading, and writing strategies that will form the foundation for their future education, careers, and civic engagement. Adler-Kassner and O'Neill show writing faculty and administrators how to frame discussions of writing assessment so that they accurately represent research-based practices and promote assessments that are valid, reliable, and discipline-appropriate.

Reframing Writing Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning is grounded in the best of writing assessment research, and focuses on how to communicate it effectively to publics beyond academe.

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