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Why buy an e-book?

Convenience. You can purchase and download a USU e-book from our website and read it from a computer or mobile device whenever and wherever you like.

Instant. No shipping fees or waiting for delivery. Buy it now and read it now.

Searchable. The text is fully searchable and bookmarkable.

Green. Saves a tree.

How does it work?

Each USU Press e-book is formatted as a PDF that opens with Adobe Digital Editions software. To open the e-book, you will need Adobe Digital Editions Reader, which is available free of charge for PC, Mac, and a growing list of mobile platforms. Digital Editions offers an excellent user interface, similar in look and feel to Acrobat Reader, with bookmarking and text-searching capabilities.

When you purchase an e-book from USU Press, you will be given an order confirmation and a link to a page where you may immediately download your e-book. Handling your e-book file will be much like handling a music file you would download from iTunes. Your e-book file can be accessed only by your login, but you may authorize up to six computers to your one login. This means you will be able to download the file to your desktop, your laptop, etc. Other computers not authorized to your Adobe ID will not be able to open the file.

You will be able print and to copy from your USU e-book, although there are some limitations on these functions. If you need the book in hard copy, we recommend that you purchase a print edition.

iPhone/iPod Instructions

There's an iPhone/iPod application called 'txtr that will allow USU Press e-book editions to be read on these devices.

Set up an Adobe account and ID before opening the digital book file on your computer, though--your iPhone/iPod will be a second device associated to the same Adobe ID.

Here's what to do:

In your computer browser create a login at txtr.com and then upload the encrypted PDF to your personal files there. (On a PC, that PDF will be in My Documents > My Digital Editions; on a Mac, in Documents > Digital Editions.)

Then go to iTunes and download the application txtr (it's free), open it, associate it with the same 'txtr login, and with your Adobe ID (choose the "Enable DRM" button in the txtr application to enter that). Then look in your 'txtr personal files, and download the book to your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Note: not all USU books are available in e-book format. See individual book page to verify availability.

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