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Fitness Program Classes

Cycling - Zumba - Yoga - Bootcamp - Cycling N' Abs -…


Enchanted Modernities - Mysticism, Landscape & the American West

Caine College of the Arts and the Leverhulme Trust…


Exhibitions - 'Black Mountain College' and 'Relational Forms'

Black Mountain College: Shaping Craft + Design. This…


Utah An Der Ruhr -- Department of Art + Design

This exhibit showcases works of art from the Germany…


College of Agriculture and Applied Science (CAAS) Week

College week, events happening every day!

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Clubs: Other

American Association of Equine Practitioners

Contact Person: Hayley Rasmussen-Ball
Contact Email: hrball@vetmed.wsu.edu

To create and enhance knowledge of Equine medicine among veterinary students.

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Billiards Club

Contact Person: Hunter Duffin
Contact Email: hunterduffin@yahoo.com

To provide a venue in which casual and serious pool players can interact and help spread the sport of pocket billiards (pool) in a social and relaxed atmosphere.

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Business Intelligence Group

Contact Person: David Olsen
Contact Email: david.olsen@usu.edu

Business intelligence is a way of using computers to manipulate and analyze large amounts of data to help understand and predict business trends. Business intelligence is the future of making decisions in business.

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Det. 860 Booster Club

Contact Person: Mike Emery
Contact Email: mike.emery@aggiemail.usu.edu

Help raise funds to be used by the warrior spirit club, benefit the community and promote awareness of AFROTC on campus.

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Fight the New Drug - USU Chapter

Contact Person: Kristy Scott
Contact Email: kristy_janelle779@hotmail.com

Educate people and raise awareness of the effects pornography has on individuals and relationships.

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Free Software and Linux Club

Contact Person: Doug Johnson
Contact Email: dougvj@gmail.com, dougvj@dougvj.net

To inform people about free and open source-software and their rights as users in a digital world, and to promote the use of such software, including GNU/Linux.

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Math Education Club

Contact Person: Tawnya Anderson
Contact Email: tawnya.anderson@aggiemail.usu.edu

To help pre-service math teachers be better prepared as in-service teachers.

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Contact Person: Allison Richman
Contact Email: allisonbnr@hotmail.com
NAMI USU on Facebook or namiut.org

To offer a monthly meetings on the USU campus for students dealing with mental illness, their friends & roommates or other interested individuals. This club meeting will provide participants with information about all types of mental illness, and offer support and direction to resources available locally and otherwise.

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One Life at a Time

Contact Person: Christian Thrapp
Contact Email: christianthrapp@gmail.com

One Life at a Tie is a club to encourage service and raise awareness of how we all can help out through education- one life at a time.

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Society for Human Resource Management

Contact Person: Carrie Belsito
Contact Email: carrie.belsito@usu.edu

Assist students interested in the HR field to be better prepared for their career.

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Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Contact Person: Alan Polanco
Contact Email: alangabrielpr@gmail.com

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Student Alumni Association

Contact Person: Craig Whyte
Contact Email: craig.whyte@usu.edu

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Tau Beta Pi

Contact Person: Jess Housekeeper
Contact Email: jesshousekeeper@gmail.com

Provide recognition to outstanding engineering students and service to the community.

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The Utah State University Finnish Club

Contact Person: Matthew Clegg
Contact Email: matthclegg@gmail.com

Provide opportunities for Finnish speakers to maintain and enhance their language skills and learn more about the Finnish culture.

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USU Experimental Sounding Rocket Club

Contact Person: chris liu
Contact Email: chrisliou@yahoo.com

Design, build, and test experimental rockets

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USU SVM Agricultural Animal/Theriogenology

Contact Person: Michael Noyes
Contact Email: mnoyes86@live.com

To provide veterinary students with hands on experience, extracurricular lectures, and other educational experiences related to the fields of Agricultural Animal medicine and Theriogenology.

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USU SVM Laboratory Animal Medicine Club

Contact Person: Kristen Slattery
Contact Email: knslattery@vetmed.wsu.edu

To provide veterinary students with more knowledge and experience regarding a career in research and laboratory animal medicine by organizing guest lectures, wet labs, and field trips.

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USU Wildlife Society Student Chapter

Contact Person: Stephen Lytle
Contact Email: usuwildlife@gmail.com

To inspire, educate, and participate in interactive, hands on experiences, networking with professionals, and building a foundation for careers working with wildlife.

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USUSVM Class of 2017

Contact Person: Joshua Packer
Contact Email: jlpckr@gmail.com

The purpose of the USU SVM c/o 2017 are as follows: A) To meet the requirements to obtain a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree and, B) pursue a lifelong career in veterinary medicine, including continuing education.

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Veterinary Business Management Association

Contact Person: Bryan Johnson
Contact Email: bryan.johnson.slc@gmail.com

To provide, exposure to information, training, and tools pertinent to Business Management in the field of Veterinary Medicine for Utah State University Veterinary Medicine Students.

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Western Equestrian Team

Contact Person: Marie Yamane
Contact Email: bigkick6@msn.com

Our purpose is to provide USU students with the opportunity to become educated in the discipline of Western Horsemanship.

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