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Transcendence: Abstraction and Symbolism in the American West

Sept. 1, 2015 – May 7, 2016 Highlighting works from…


A Matter of Taste: Art, Kitsch, and Culture

Jan. 23 – May 7, 2016 "A Matter of Taste"…


SEEEME Uganda Fundraiser

Angies Restaurant is hosting a fund raising event for…


After Hours: End of Year Party!

Join us for AfterHours @ NEHMA for an End of Year…


Graduate Commencement and Hooding Ceremony

Utah State University's 129th Commencement Ceremonies

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Clubs: Pre-Professional

AG- ri - CULTURE Club

Contact Person: Kevin Corn
Contact Email: kevinjcorn@gmail.com

The promotion of the Agriculture Industry through real world experience.

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Agricultural Communication Club

Contact Person: Lindsey Snyder
Contact Email: lsnyder94@gmail.com

To foster career development among future agricultural communicators. To facilitate public relations and communication within the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences. To encourage student involvement in the university, community, and industry.

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Alpha Tau Alpha

Contact Person: Jordan White
Contact Email: jordan.g.white@aggiemail.usu.edu

Alpha Tau Alpha is a National Professional Honorary Agricultural Education Organization that plays a vital role in the preparation of those who have chosen a major in agricultural education or extension education.

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American Society of Landscape Architects

Contact Person: Sam Taylor
Contact Email: s.taylor@aggiemail.usu.edu

The Purpose of the Student chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is to support and mirror the mission of the national ASLA. The Student chapter also endeavors to aid and add value to a students education within the LAEP department and the College of Agriculture.

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Contact Person: Orrin Pope
Contact Email: orrin.pope@gmail.com

To provide opportunities for engineering students to enhance their education with networking activities and engineering-centered projects.

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Arnold Air Society

Contact Person: Brandon Hustead
Contact Email: brandon.hustead@aggiemail.usu.edu,

First Objective: To create a more efficient relationship among Air Force officer candidates, in particular within the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. Function of the First Objective: To provide opportunities for a greater interaction among collegiate level Air Force officer candidates and to encourage increased communication with Air Force officers and leaders in national defense, government, and industry. Second Objective: To aid in the development of effective Air Force officers. Function of the Second Objective: To provide more opportunities for Air Force officer candidates to exercise leadership, management, organizational, and public relations skills. Third Objective: To further the purpose, traditions, and concepts of the United States Air Force. Function of the Third Objective: To provide opportunities for officer candidates to participate in campus and community service activities, demonstrating the close relationship between civilian and military institutions.

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Association for Information Systems

Contact Person: Kayla Spencer
Contact Email: kayla.spencer@aggiemail.usu.edu

The purpose of AIS is to help students who are interested in Information Systems (IS) to get networked with professionals, gain the skills needed to get employed, and ultimately get a great career in IS.

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Beta Alpha Psi

Contact Person: Andrew Loaiza
Contact Email: bap.usu@gmail.com

Beta Alpha Psi focuses on professional development, service, and networking for accounting students.

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Biological Engineering Club

Contact Person: Zachary Fica
Contact Email: z.fica@aggiemail.usu.edu

The purpose of the BE Club is to get students more involved with their peers, university, and community by providing networking, leadership opportunities, and the enhancement of personal and professional growth in the field of Biological Engineering.

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Cache Valley Hospice Alliance

Contact Person: Ryan Hirschi
Contact Email: hirschiryan@gmail.com

We aim to serve local families that are caring for a loved one who is terminally ill. Caring for someone as they are dying can be an emotional, difficult process. By performing service projects, we help these families with everyday tasks and provide them with more time to be with their loved ones.

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Communication Studies Club

Contact Person: Chance Johnson
Contact Email: chancejohn8@gmail.com

A. To provide greater opportunities for faculty and student interactions B. To provide social activities and events for the membership C. To provide learning opportunities as it applies to the field and study of communications

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Deaf Education Student Association (DESA)

Contact Person: DESA
Contact Email: desa@aggiemail.usu.edu

To provide professional development to students who are preparing to work with Deaf children

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Dietetic Student Association (DSA)

Contact Person:
Contact Email: eatrightUSU@gmail.com

Provide dietetic-related activities and service opportunities that promote health and wellness, increase awareness of career paths, and network with other dietetic students and professionals.

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Graduate Association of Political Science Students

Contact Person: Eddy Morris
Contact Email: usugapss@gmail.com

The mission of the Graduate Association of Political Science Students, or GAPSS, is to promote the academic and social interactions of political science graduate students with faculty and staff at Utah State University. Through planning, coordinating, and carrying out events to promote these goals, GAPSS will provide a venue wherein students and faculty can work together to promote research, academic findings and achievement, and participate in enriching social experiences.

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Contact Person: Alex Lutz
Contact Email: alexinslc@gmail.com,alex.lutz@aggiemail.usu.edu

The mission of hackUSU is to unite students interested in Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Business, and Entrepreneurship. The group will provide students the opportunity to gain experience in building new and useful applications, technology startups, growing their professional network, creating application portfolios, and have fun hacking on new ideas.

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Contact Person: Haley Teuscher
Contact Email: h2scher@gmail.com

HOSA provides a unique program of leadership development, motivation, and recognition exclusively for secondary, postsecondary, adult, and collegiate students enrolled in health science education and biomedical science programs or have interests in pursuing careers in health professions. HOSA is 100% health care!

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Industrial Hygiene Club

Contact Person: Peter LeCheminant
Contact Email: peterlechem@aggiemail.usu.edu

Involved in anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of chemical and physical hazards in the workplace. Industrial Hygienists are dedicated to protecting these people so they can return safety to their families each day. This club exposes members to IH by socializing with those already in the program and networking with local certified IHs.

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Institute of Management Accountants

Contact Person: Frank Shuman
Contact Email: frank.shuman@usu.edu

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Contact Person: Kathy Harris
Contact Email: kathy.harris@aggiemail.usu.edu

The ITLS Student Association (ITSA) advocates on behalf of ITLS students to represent the interests and concerns of students to the Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Department and Utah State University. The ITLS Student Association strives to provide a conduit between our students, faculty, administration, and professionals. Through ITSA, students can address issues with faculty and administration including, but not limited to, academic programs and curricula, courses, professional development, goals of the department, and social interactions. Through the service of our leadership and committee members, ITSA strives to improve the quality of student life and increase the potential for students’ success while at Utah State and in their future professions. ITSA main objectives are: 1) To facilitate communication and collaboration between students, faculty, administration, and professionals. 2) To represent the interests and concerns of ITLS students to the ITLS department and Utah State University. 3) To improve the quality of student life and increase potential for students’ success.

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Medical Unity

Contact Person: James Rohwer
Contact Email: james.rohwer@aggiemail.usu.edu

To prepare members to operate in a culturally diverse medical environment.

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National Society of Black Engineers

Contact Person: Stacie Gregory
Contact Email: slgregory@aggiemail.usu.edu

We are dedicated to the academic and professional success of students and professionals in the engineering field and are especially focused on African-Americans. Through our service and outreach activities we hope to reach out underprivileged communities and encourage students to pursue STEM careers.

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National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Contact Person: Danielle Christensen
Contact Email: danielle.christensen@aggiemail.usu.edu

"NSCS is an honor society that engages high-achieving first- and second-year students in the top 20% of their class. NSCS has established chapters at more than 300 schools across the country and more than 800,000 members. We are a proud member of the Association of College Honor Societies" (www.nscs.org)

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Opto Club

Contact Person: Jeni Keller
Contact Email: usuopto@gmail.com

Inform students about the opportunities that are available in the health field regarding eye-care and vision correction. Service oriented: collect & sort glasses to send to Peru. Organize a 5K each year and donate proceeds to a Charity.

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Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Chapter

Contact Person: Teresa Bodrero
Contact Email: teresa.bodrero@usu.edu

to recognize and reward academic excellence and leadership through service. This organization is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and identifies individuals with proven or potential professional and community service. This organization gives opportunities to build professional leadership, supplies a structure for building competence skills in management and leadership, provides networking with established professionals, and allows for mentoring by alumni.

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Pre-Physical Therapy

Contact Person: Tanner Jennings
Contact Email:

Help students prepare for a career in the field of Physical Therapy.

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Pre-SOMA Club

Contact Person: Zak Dymock
Contact Email: zak.dymock@gmail.com

The purpose of Pre-SOMA is to promote and inform Utah State students and all interested about osteopathic medical education, to increase the number of applicants to medical schools by increasing the interest in osteopathic schools, and prepare Utah State students for the rigors of medical school.

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Small Animal Specialty Club

Contact Person: Erin Hughes
Contact Email: ehughes@vetmed.wsu.edu

For veterinary students to learn about small animal specialties. Particularly what each specialty entails and what is required to become specialized in different aspects of small animal medicine.

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Society for Collegiate Leadership and Achievment

Contact Person: Kade Beck
Contact Email: 12kbeck@gmail.com

The purpose of the Society is to honor undergraduate students’ achievement and empower them by providing powerful tools for academic and professional success. Our goal is to maximize each student’s potential by providing meaningful connections to a vibrant peer and mentor community as well as a proprietary platform for developing necessary personal and academic skills. We aim to inspire members to take control of their own futures, move toward independence, and ultimately establish a foundation and foothold for successful careers.

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The Society for Technical Communicators Club

Contact Person: Ryan Moeller
Contact Email: rylish.moeller@usu.edu

STC Club is set up to allow students to network in a social environment.

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The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Contact Person: Pablo Mendez
Contact Email: shpeusu@gmail.com, pablohmg13@gmail.com

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers of Utah State University (SHPEUSU) provides support for academic success and an interactive multicultural environment for students of science and technology. We strive to offer quality services and programs that are designed to promote engineering among minorities, retention in their respective programs, academic support, leadership development, cultural understanding, inclusion, and a positive relational climate on campus.

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USU Concrete Canoe

Contact Person: Nathan Fox
Contact Email: nat.rob.fox@aggiemail.usu.edu, nerdtyler@hotmail.com, natedecker7@gmail.com,albert.allison@yahoo.com

As part of the American Society of Civil Engineers, we build and race concrete canoes each year.

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USU Formula SAE

Contact Person: Christopher Bentley
Contact Email: christopherjohnbentley@gmail.com

The purpose of the USU Formula SAE is to provide mechanical engineering extracurricular opportunities.

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USU Pre-Med Club

Contact Person: Kristin Walker
Contact Email: kristin.walker15@gmail.com

Help Undergraduates prepare for, and get into Medical School.

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USU SPIE Student Chapter

Contact Person: Cynthia Hanson
Contact Email: chanson8491@gmail.com

We promote the discipline of Optical Science and Engineering through study, research, and discussion. We disseminate knowledge of the field of optics and phontonics, and further professional development of students by promoting membership in SPIE.

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USU Student Section of American Nuclear Society

Contact Person: Colby Jensen
Contact Email: colby.jensen@aggiemail.usu.edu

(a) to promote the advancement of science and engineering relating to the atomic nucleus, and of allied sciences and arts; (b) to aid in the integration of the several disciplines constituting nuclear science and technology; (c) to encourage research in nuclear science and technology and in allied fields; (d) to provide access to established scholarships, grants, and awards useful in furthering the foregoing objectives; (e) to hold meetings for the presentation and discussion of scientific and technical papers

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USUSCV Surgery Club

Contact Person: Daniel Harmer
Contact Email: danharmer@aggiemail.usu.edu

To give veterinary students additional opportunities to learn surgical skills.

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Water Environment Association of Utah

Contact Person: Sarah Guzman
Contact Email: sarahguzman01@gmail.com

The Water Environment Association of Utah is dedicated to the professional growth of its members and the preservation and enhancement of the water environment. Strategies 1. Provide opportunities for the interaction and professional growth of Association members. 2. Build an active membership. 3. Promote public understanding of the value of water QUALITY and water resources. 4. Provide educational information for environmental POLICY formation. 5. Build alliances and exchange information with individuals and organizations with related interests. 6. Promote diversity in the types of water quality issues addressed. 7. Provide the resources necessary to realize the Vision, Strategies and Objectives.

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Contact Person: Holly Lloyd
Contact Email: wtsutahstate@gmail.com

WTS is dedicated to the professional advancement of women in the transportation industry.

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