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Cache Clean Air Consortium

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Enchanted Modernities - Mysticism, Landscape & the American West

Caine College of the Arts and the Leverhulme Trust…


Convocation with David Macaulay -- Caine College of the Arts

Join us during Common Hour for Caine College of the Arts…

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Clubs: Service

Aggies for Change

Contact Person:
Contact Email:

Our mission is to promote a sense of philanthropy among the current USU students so that they too can be counted among the many generous alumni who support the wonderful programs at our great university.

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Aggies for Common Ground

Contact Person: Jennifer Dallin
Contact Email: jenn.cgadventures@gmail.com
Facebook Page in Progress

Aggies for Common Ground is a club designed to get students involved with Common Ground Outdoor Adventures. This local non-profit organization provides adaptive outdoor recreation to people with disabilities. The club will plan and run fundraisers and activities for the participants at Common Ground. Aggies for Common Ground will give you the opportunity to meet new people, serve in your community, build your resume, and have a great time while doing it!

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Arnold Air Society

Contact Person: Brandon Hustead
Contact Email: brandon.hustead@aggiemail.usu.edu,

First Objective: To create a more efficient relationship among Air Force officer candidates, in particular within the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. Function of the First Objective: To provide opportunities for a greater interaction among collegiate level Air Force officer candidates and to encourage increased communication with Air Force officers and leaders in national defense, government, and industry. Second Objective: To aid in the development of effective Air Force officers. Function of the Second Objective: To provide more opportunities for Air Force officer candidates to exercise leadership, management, organizational, and public relations skills. Third Objective: To further the purpose, traditions, and concepts of the United States Air Force. Function of the Third Objective: To provide opportunities for officer candidates to participate in campus and community service activities, demonstrating the close relationship between civilian and military institutions.

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Autism Speaks U at Utah State University

Contact Person: Lyndsay Nix
Contact Email: lyndsay.nix@usu.edu

To spread awareness and be advocates for the autism community.

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Be The Match On Campus USU

Contact Person: Phil Rutledge
Contact Email: p.rut@aggiemail.usu.edu

To raise awareness of what bone marrow donations and drives are all about and to put bone marrow drives on.

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Cache Valley Hospice Alliance

Contact Person: Ryan Hirschi
Contact Email: hirschiryan@gmail.com

We aim to serve local families that are caring for a loved one who is terminally ill. Caring for someone as they are dying can be an emotional, difficult process. By performing service projects, we help these families with everyday tasks and provide them with more time to be with their loved ones.

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Charity Anywhere

Contact Person: Dave Buhler/Zac Hanks
Contact Email: charityanywhereusu@gmail.com

CAF USU helps coordinate humanitarianism trips to Mexico and South America as well as help supply students interested in medical/dental trips to Mexico and South America.

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Chemisty and Biochemistry Club

Contact Person: Lisa Berreau
Contact Email: lisa.berreau@usu.edu

Our purpose is to promote science awareness in the community, specifically chemistry and biochemistry.

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Circle K international

Contact Person: Jacob Kullberg
Contact Email: Jacob.Kullberg@aggiemail.usu.edu

To provide service and leadership opportunities to students at USU.

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Colleges Against Cancer

Contact Person: Dusin Petersen
Contact Email: dustin.p@aggiemail.usu.edu

We work to promote the four pillars (cancer education, advocacy, survivorship, and relay for life) on campus.

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Collegiate 4-H

Contact Person: KC Esplin
Contact Email: k.esplin@hotmail.com

USU Collegiate 4-H provides members with activities and recreation, service projects, leadership skills, and social gatherings while enhancing youth development through direct service to 4-H members and other young people.

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Deaf Education Student Association (DESA)

Contact Person: DESA
Contact Email: desa@aggiemail.usu.edu

To provide professional development to students who are preparing to work with Deaf children

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Engineers Without Borders

Contact Person: Laurie McNeill
Contact Email: laurie.mcneill@usu.edu

Provide technical engineering assistance to communities in need.

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Fight the New Drug - USU Chapter

Contact Person: Kristy Scott
Contact Email: kristy_janelle779@hotmail.com

Educate people and raise awareness of the effects pornography has on individuals and relationships.

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Golden Key International Honor Society

Contact Person: Randi Robinson
Contact Email: usugoldenkey@gmail.com

Society for academic excellence, service and leadership opportunities.

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International Veterinary Student Association

Contact Person: Cassie Westfall
Contact Email: cassiebw@gmail.com

We are a club associated with the new School of Veterinary Medicine at Utah State University. We raise money for veterinary students to travel to different countries and work in the veterinary sciences.

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Latinos in Action USU Chapter

Contact Person: Luis Rodriguez
Contact Email: usulatinosinaction@gmail.com

This club will serve as an established support system that will recruit high school students into higher education but, most importantly, retain them once they are there B. Extracurricular activities. C. Service D. Leadership

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Musicians for Healing

Contact Person: Sierra Summers
Contact Email: 19sierra93@gmail.com

The purposes of our organization are: 1) To create pleasant and beautiful ambiance music for patients and visitors at Logan Regional Intermountain Hospital to enjoy. 2) Provide opportunities for students at USU who play music to give meaningful service in the community.

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National Student Speech Language Hearing Association

Contact Person: Sonia Manuel-Dupont
Contact Email: sonia.manuel-dupont@usu.edu

Service organization with a focus on emergent literacy, family literacy, dialect awareness and ESL.

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Neuroscience Club

Contact Person: Bret Guercio
Contact Email: bret.guercio@aggiemail.usu.edu

The purpose of the Neuroscience club is to promote awareness and interest in ongoing neuroscience research at Utah State University (USU). Additionally, the club will foster collaboration and cooperation between the different neuroscience related labs on campus. The club will also increase awareness of research and volunteer opportunities on campus.

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One Life at a Time

Contact Person: Christian Thrapp
Contact Email: christianthrapp@gmail.com

One Life at a Tie is a club to encourage service and raise awareness of how we all can help out through education- one life at a time.

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Opto Club

Contact Person: Jeni Keller
Contact Email: usuopto@gmail.com

Inform students about the opportunities that are available in the health field regarding eye-care and vision correction. Service oriented: collect & sort glasses to send to Peru. Organize a 5K each year and donate proceeds to a Charity.

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Phi Alpha Honor Society

Contact Person: Jessica Lucero
Contact Email: jessica.lucero@usu.edu

To recognize and promote scholastic achievement among students and faculty involved in the undergraduate or graduate social work program at Utah State University. To recognize, improve and further the goals of social work in the community,state, nation and world. To stimulate interest in preparation for a career in social work. To encourage continued study and research at the undergraduate level, the graduate level, and in professional practice. To recognize those professional social workers and others whose service, contributions and leadership are held in esteem.

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Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Chapter

Contact Person: Teresa Bodrero
Contact Email: teresa.bodrero@usu.edu

to recognize and reward academic excellence and leadership through service. This organization is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and identifies individuals with proven or potential professional and community service. This organization gives opportunities to build professional leadership, supplies a structure for building competence skills in management and leadership, provides networking with established professionals, and allows for mentoring by alumni.

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Play Theory

Contact Person: Jordan Fultz
Contact Email: fultz.jordan@gmail.com

Use improv games to illustrate Play Theory principles as they apply to personal and interpersonal skills.

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Pro-Cons and Allies

Contact Person: Tommy Thompson
Contact Email: thomas.thompson@aggiemail.usu.edu

To encourage and promote higher education as a rehabilitative pathway for individuals previously charged with or convicted of crimes and those affected by them.

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Reaching Back

Contact Person: Mitchell Heiner
Contact Email: mitchell.heiner@aggiemail.usu.edu

To provide free tutoring services to local high school students as an investment in individuals and the community. To provide service and leadership opportunities to pre-professionals.

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Contact Person: Shelby Larae Herman
Contact Email: rotaractusu@gmail.com

Rotaract is a service club that does community and international service throughout the year. Over spring break every year we do an international service project. This year we will be going to Agua Prieta, Mexico. If members attend 75% of the service and fundraising activities, cost for the trip will only be $200 per person. This includes gas and most meals while we are in Mexico.

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Russian Club

Contact Person: Ariel Cunningham
Contact Email: ariel.serrell@gmail.com

1. Increasing our knowledge of Russian culture and history. 2. Understanding how to use Russian to enrich our future professional endeavors. 3. Provide service. 4. Creating friendships and memories.

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Serve Others and Find Yourself International

Contact Person: Patrick Stone
Contact Email: patrick.n.stone@aggiemail.usu.edu

Provide service and leadership opportunities to students of USU and also raise the level of knowledge of international service opportunities in the community.

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Student Organization for Society and Natural Resources

Contact Person: Evan Pool
Contact Email: evanchristopherpool@gmail.com

SOSNR (Student Organization for Society and Natural Resources) works to bridge the gap between humans and the natural environment through service opportunities and other fun events! USU's SOSNR is the founding student chapter of the International Association for Society and Natural Resources.

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Contact Person: Grant Holyoak
Contact Email: grant.holyoak@aggiemail.usu.edu

Working with UNICEF, the campus initiative club works for children's rights. We focus on three different areas: Educating, Advocating, and Fundraising. We raise awareness of the different current events happening around the world that are effecting the lives of children. We believe that zero children should die from a preventable cause.

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USU Collegiate Shooting Sports Club

Contact Person: Richard Beard
Contact Email: Richard.Beard@usu.edu

Promote shooting sports safety and provide opportunities for USU students to participate in shooting sports programs.

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USU Impact

Contact Person: Thomas Garvin
Contact Email: thomas.garvin@me.com

To provide USU students the opportunity to make a positive impact on the campus, in the community and throughout the state.

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USU Red Cross Club

Contact Person: Clark Evans
Contact Email: og.evans@gmail.com

Community Service/ Emergency Help

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USU Romanian Club

Contact Person: Jeff Frandsen
Contact Email: frandsen.jeff@gmail.com

The USU Romanian Club celebrates the culture of Romania through fundraisers and events.

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USU Student Gerontology Association

Contact Person: Heather Sheffer
Contact Email: heather.sheffer@aggiemail.usu.edu
Student Gerontology Association facebook; usu-sga@hotmail.com

To promote the study of gerontology for students from any department or major. To promote community contacts with organizations providing gerontology services. To provide guidance and information for careers and further study in Gerontology

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USU Student Organic Farm

Contact Person: Cami Lowder
Contact Email: organicfarm@aggiemail.usu.edu
http://www.usu.edu/organicfarms/about.html, https://www.facebook.com/UsuStudentOrganicFarm

We ultimately envision creating a cross-disciplinary curriculum that will link the practical experience of growing and harvesting food with food preparation, nutrition and health as well as creating a practical training in gardening for future agricultural educators.

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Utah State University Collegiate FFA

Contact Person: Becki Lawver
Contact Email: Rebecca.lawver@usu.edu

Collegiate FFA continues to be a part of agriculture education at the post secondary level. It enhances the collegiate experience through service and engagement to create premier leaders, enable personal growth and ensure career success of those who take a vital interest in American agriculture.

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Utah State University Veterans Association

Contact Person: Jake Falcon
Contact Email: USUVeteransAssociation@gmail.com

The USUVA's mission is to provide veterans and alumni of Utah State University, as well as the community an opportunity to interact with each other as well as provide a resource for issues involving various veterans’ organizations. The USUVA also works in the community and within Utah State University to give back to past veterans by providing time, charity, and resources to help improve the quality of life as well as provide awareness and support for current issues concerning veterans.

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Volunteers Involved in Development Abroad

Contact Person: Ryan Bringhurst
Contact Email: rbsedulous@gmail.com

To work with grassroots organizations in developing countries to facilitate their efforts.

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Wishmakers on Campus

Contact Person: Cameron Brock
Contact Email: cambrock@comcast.net

College students rallying together with the community to help Make-A-Wish grant the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with joy, strength, and hope.

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