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Fraternity Rush Week

Ever Wanted to Join a Fraternity? Rush Week can allow you…


Exhibitions - 'Black Mountain College' and 'Relational Forms'

Black Mountain College: Shaping Craft + Design. This…


Mountain Lion! The Story of Pumas and People

The exhibition blends science, history, and art to…

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Contact Person: Landon Hillyard
Contact Email: landon.hillyard@gmail.com

The advancement of science and engineering relating to the atomic nucleus, and of allied sciences and arts.

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Aggie Game Nights

Contact Person: Jason Thorpe
Contact Email: jasondthorpe007@gmail.com

Aggie Game Nights is a social gaming club at Utah State University. We play a variety of tabletop games. We meet Fridays, 7pm to midnight in Engineering 201 (http://www.usu.edu/map/index.cfm?id=32). Bring friends & games. Everyone is invited! https://groups.google.com/group/aggie-game-nights https://www.facebook.com/groups/Aggie.Game.Nights/ club email: aggie.game.nights@gmail.com

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Aggie Ski Club

Contact Person: Will Hamann
Contact Email: aggieskiclub@gmail.com

The purpose of the Aggie Ski Club is to create a community for snow sports enthusiasts at Utah State University.

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Aggies Against the Grain

Contact Person: Meghan Graham
Contact Email: meghan.graham@live.com

To raise awareness about Celiac Disease and Gluten Allergies in the community, and to offer support to those that live gluten-free.

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Billiards Club

Contact Person: Jason Allred
Contact Email: jason.allred78@gmail.com

To provide a venue in which casual and serious pool players can interact and help spread the sport of pocket billiards (pool) in a social and relaxed atmosphere.

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Club Seinfeld

Contact Person: Demi Dipaulo
Contact Email: demi.dipaulo@yahoo.com

To Have fun, relax and have a few laugh to wind down from the stresses of college

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Collegiate 4-H

Contact Person: KC Esplin
Contact Email: k.esplin@hotmail.com

USU Collegiate 4-H provides members with activities and recreation, service projects, leadership skills, and social gatherings while enhancing youth development through direct service to 4-H members and other young people.

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Comedy at USU

Contact Person: Emily Stephensen
Contact Email: emilystephensen@gmail.com

To create an environment of comedy on the USU campus and to instruct students in the fundamentals of sketch, improvisational, and stand-up comedy.

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Communication Studies Club

Contact Person: Chance Johnson
Contact Email: chancejohn8@gmail.com

A. To provide greater opportunities for faculty and student interactions B. To provide social activities and events for the membership C. To provide learning opportunities as it applies to the field and study of communications

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Dominican Student Association (DSA)

Contact Person: Carlos Frias
Contact Email: carlosafrias3@gmail.com

The Dominican Student Association or (DSA) is an organization dedicated to the education, enjoyment, development, and socialization of its members with themselves and with all the communities and groups at Utah State University. The organization seeks to support service to USU and the Cache Valley Community. We, as students, wish to bring our culture to USU and promote diversity, equality and harmony among cultures.

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French Club

Contact Person: Clara Nowalski--Philippeau
Contact Email: clara.nowalski.philippeau@gmail.com

To have fun learning about French language and francophone cultures. To bring the French-speaking community together.

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Contact Person: Yesenia Oliva
Contact Email: Yessi.Oliva@gmail.com

Goalball is a Paralympic sport for the blind and visually impaired. The purpose for this club is to give students the opportunity to practice this sport, in order to prepare for tournaments that take place around the U.S. In addition, this organization will allow us the ability to have a single place to all come together, which will in turn allow us to increase and improve our physical activity. Moreover, this Goalball club will also give blind individuals the opportunity to become more involved on campus.

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Handball Club

Contact Person: Jeanne Munk
Contact Email: jeanne.munk@aggiemail.usu.edu

The purpose of this club is to: learn how to play handball, have fun, and to meet a lot of great people.

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Italian Club

Contact Person: Shane McGuire
Contact Email: shanemcg25@gmail.com

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Japan Club

Contact Person: Kristi Lankford
Contact Email: lankfordkristi466@gmail.com

Unite Japanese and American students on campus and provide fun, interesting, and meaningful activities on campus.

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Play Theory

Contact Person: Jordan Fultz
Contact Email: fultz.jordan@gmail.com

Use improv games to illustrate Play Theory principles as they apply to personal and interpersonal skills.

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Society of Physics Students

Contact Person: Darren McKinnon
Contact Email: sps@aggiemail.usu.edu

Fun club designed to allow students interested in physics to have an opportunity to perform research and be involved to science outreach.

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Swing Free

Contact Person: Rebecca
Contact Email: rebecca.may.thorpe@gmail.com

Provide a cheaper option to country swing.

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Table Tennis Club

Contact Person: Andrew Keith
Contact Email: andrewjkeith25@yahoo.com

A group of people that want to play, practice and improve their table tennis skills.

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USU Collegiate 4-H

Contact Person: Lauralee Lyons
Contact Email: lauralee.lyons@usu.edu

To provide members with a sense of identity on campus, enrich their lives through group projects and recreation, and to develop confidence and leadership skills. Enhance youth development through direct service to 4-H members and other young people.

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USU eSports Club

Contact Person: Erick Garcia
Contact Email: usuleagueofgamers@gmail.com

The purpose of the club is to provide a friendly environment for gamers of all interests to learn about and associate with gamers of similar or different interests and skill levels.

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USU Meditation Club

Contact Person: Michael Sowder
Contact Email: michael.sowder@usu.edu

Promote awareness and practice of mindfulness meditation. We instruct new meditators in proper technique and offer guidance. We also serve as a weekly forum for those who wish to practice meditation in group setting.

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Utah State Off-roading Club

Contact Person: Tanner Ence
Contact Email: tannerence@gmail.com

To meet fellow USU with an interest in offloading, auto mechanics, snowmobiling, four-wheeling and other off-roading events

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Utah State University Ecology Club

Contact Person: Austin Spence
Contact Email: austin.r.spence@gmail.com

To conduct club programs and activities to promote ecology on campus and in the community, as well as explore career development through field trips, guest speakers, and lab tours.

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