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Enchanted Modernities - Mysticism, Landscape & the American West

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Produce Stand - USU Student Organic Farm

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USU Connections Bowling Party

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Nature Walk -- Swaner EcoCenter

Saturday Nature Walk -- 10-11:30 a.m. Join us on your…

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Clubs: Social

Aggie Anglers

Contact Person: Casey Snider
Contact Email: csnider@tu.org

A club designed to promote angling opportunities for college students as well as maintaining the areas they love to fish.

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Aggie Game Nights

Contact Person: Taylor underwood
Contact Email: tunderwooduw21@gmail.com

Aggie Game Nights is a social gaming club at Utah State University. We play a variety of tabletop games. We meet Fridays, 7pm to midnight in Engineering 201 (http://www.usu.edu/map/index.cfm?id=32). Bring friends & games. Everyone is invited! https://groups.google.com/group/aggie-game-nights https://www.facebook.com/groups/Aggie.Game.Nights/

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Aggie Motorcycle Club

Contact Person: Daniel Crossen
Contact Email: d.r.crossen@aggiemail.usu.edu

To create a social environment within the motorcycle community at Utah State University.

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Aggie Ski Club

Contact Person: Will Hamann
Contact Email: aggieskiclub@gmail.com

The purpose of the Aggie Ski Club is to create a community for snow sports enthusiasts at Utah State University.

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Aggies Against the Grain

Contact Person: Meghan Graham
Contact Email: meghan.graham@live.com

To raise awareness about Celiac Disease and Gluten Allergies in the community, and to offer support to those that live gluten-free.

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Beard and Moustache Society of USU

Contact Person: Seth Cook
Contact Email: beardedaggies@gmail.com
In Progess

Among the many purposes of our inclusive society, we strive to incorporate men and women alike, who enjoy the company of others and have an appreciation for all that a beard and/or moustache can represent. We maintain high levels of class and sophistication expected from such a society. The beard and moustache society will play a positive role in the lives of our members, our community and the world.

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Billiards Club

Contact Person: Hunter Duffin
Contact Email: hunterduffin@yahoo.com

To provide a venue in which casual and serious pool players can interact and help spread the sport of pocket billiards (pool) in a social and relaxed atmosphere.

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Club Seinfeld

Contact Person: Demi Dipaulo
Contact Email: demi.dipaulo@yahoo.com

To Have fun, relax and have a few laugh to wind down from the stresses of college

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Collegiate 4-H

Contact Person: Cassie Breeding
Contact Email: breedingca@gmail.com

USU Collegiate 4-H provides members with activities and recreation, service projects, leadership skills, and social gatherings while enhancing youth development through direct service to 4-H members and other young people.

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Comedy at USU

Contact Person: Emily Stephensen
Contact Email: emilystephensen@gmail.com

To create an environment of comedy on the USU campus and to instruct students in the fundamentals of sketch, improvisational, and stand-up comedy.

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Communication Studies Club

Contact Person: Angie Anderson
Contact Email: angie.mander@gmail.com

A. To provide greater opportunities for faculty and student interactions B. To provide social activities and events for the membership C. To provide learning opportunities as it applies to the field and study of communications

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Dance and Activity Club

Contact Person: Samuel T. Galloway
Contact Email: sam.t.g@aggiemail.usu.edu

To have LDS activities and Dances. Others are invited.

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Det. 860 Booster Club

Contact Person: Mike Emery
Contact Email: mike.emery@aggiemail.usu.edu

Help raise funds to be used by the warrior spirit club, benefit the community and promote awareness of AFROTC on campus.

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Dominican Student Association (DSA)

Contact Person: Ivan Quezada
Contact Email: ingivanquezada@gmail.com

The Dominican Student Association or (DSA) is an organization dedicated to the education, enjoyment, development, and socialization of its members with themselves and with all the communities and groups at Utah State University. The organization seeks to support service to USU and the Cache Valley Community. We, as students, wish to bring our culture to USU and promote diversity, equality and harmony among cultures.

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French Club

Contact Person: Hadrien Malier
Contact Email: hadrien.malier@usu.edu

To have fun learning about French language and francophone cultures. To bring the French-speaking community together.

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Contact Person: Yesenia Oliva, or Quinn Price
Contact Email: Yessi.oliva@gmail.com, or qlprice@gmail.com

Goalball is a Paralympic sport for the blind and visually impaired. There are a good number of students attending Utah State that are currently traveling around the world to participate in Goalball tournaments. The purpose of this club is to allow students the ability to all meet together in a specific location, to give students the opportunity to improve their performance ability, to help build physical activity into a participant's daily routine, and to just have a club the blind can be apart of.

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Handball Club

Contact Person: Jeanne Munk
Contact Email: jeanne.munk@aggiemail.usu.edu

The purpose of this club is to: learn how to play handball, have fun, and to meet a lot of great people.

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Independent Tribe

Contact Person: Leonardo Alfonseca
Contact Email: independenttribe@gmail.com

Independent Tribe is an organization dedicated to bring a different spiritual alternative to students by sharing a biblical message centered around Jesus Christ. This organization seek for motivating students to gather together to have fellowship, study the word of God and reflect on it. The organization is also willing to support service to USU and the Cache Valley Community.

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Italian Club

Contact Person: Shane McGuire
Contact Email: shanemcg25@gmail.com

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Japan Club

Contact Person: Kristi Lankford
Contact Email: lankfordkristi466@gmail.com

Unite Japanese and American students on campus and provide fun, interesting, and meaningful activities on campus.

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MSLT club

Contact Person: Val Jackson
Contact Email: val.jackson@aggiemail.usu.edu

The purpose of this club is to connect, through its activities, current and former MSLT students in practices of second language teaching and in critical discussion of current research of Second Language Acquisition.

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Play Theory

Contact Person: Jordan Fultz
Contact Email: fultz.jordan@gmail.com

Use improv games to illustrate Play Theory principles as they apply to personal and interpersonal skills.

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Riders' Alliance Motorsports Club

Contact Person: Austin Shepherd
Contact Email: ashepherd17@gmail.com
Facebook possibly

The mission of the Riders’ Alliance Motorsports Club is to develop a network of motorsports enthusiasts from different backgrounds and unify the student riding community at Utah State University. The goals of the club are: 1.Bring people together with similar interests. 2.Build up each other and the sport. 3.Serve the community. 4.Coordinate/organize activities.

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Society of Environmental Engineering Students

Contact Person: Laurie McNeill
Contact Email: laurie.mcneill@usu.edu

To provide occasions for Environmental Engineering students and faculty to share and communicate their thoughts on contemporary aspects of Environmental Engineering by conducting interdisciplinary research discussion groups and seminars from academic and industrial professionals.

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Society of Physics Students

Contact Person: Darren McKinnon
Contact Email: sps@aggiemail.usu.edu

Fun club designed to allow students interested in physics to have an opportunity to perform research and be involved to science outreach.

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The American Society for Engineering Education at

Contact Person: Harry Santoso
Contact Email: harry.santoso@aggiemail.usu.edu

The purpose of this organization shall be: • To establish a welcoming social environment for students, faculty, and members of the Utah State University community interested in engineering education. • To provide an accessible forum for the exchange of ideas, theories, and techniques related to engineering education. • To create opportunities for students to implement and develop effective methods and techniques for engineering education. • To lead local innovation in the theory and practice of engineering education through the practical application of new techniques. • To share the success and ambitions of the members of this organization with the broader academic community of the colleges of engineering and education at Utah State University and the surrounding community.

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The HowTo Club

Contact Person: Colin Reeder
Contact Email: dimecat@gmail.com

The end goal is to research, condense, and apply knowledge successfully and effectively as a club.

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Thrills on Wheels

Contact Person: Kinzie Hamilton
Contact Email: khaminator@gmail.com
facebook group Thrills on Wheels

We roller blade around campus, make new friends, perform service in the community, and have fun! We prefer roller blades but any set of wheels will do ( long board, bike, skate board, rip stick, razor scooter, unicycle) You will have the best time of your life if you join our awesomely, cool, legit, and retro club! Once a month we will be participating in a service project.

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USU Chess Club

Contact Person: Wington Brito
Contact Email: wington.brito@aggiemail.usu.edu

Create a good chess environment among USU students. Represent USU in any chess activity over the region or country. Help students to be in a good social environment.

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USU Collegiate 4-H

Contact Person: Lauralee Lyons
Contact Email: lauralee.lyons@usu.edu

To provide members with a sense of identity on campus, enrich their lives through group projects and recreation, and to develop confidence and leadership skills. Enhance youth development through direct service to 4-H members and other young people.

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USU eSports Club

Contact Person: Richard Decker
Contact Email: usuleagueofgamers@gmail.com

The purpose of the club is to provide a friendly environment for gamers of all interests to learn about and associate with gamers of similar or different interests and skill levels.

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USU Freemasonry Club

Contact Person: Scotty Cunningham
Contact Email: scottyludlow@gmail.com

Promote Friendship, Understanding and Brotherly Love. Inform about Masonic Organizations, viz.: Eastern Star, Shriners, De Molay, The Daughters of Job, and Freemasonry.

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Contact Person: Micheal Eastmond
Contact Email: mowefa@streetdef.com
www.streetdef.com / NA

To have students learn the core values of Hiphop while participating in events and festivals. To have a safe meeting place for like minded people .. To change the stigma of hiphop

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USU Meditation Club

Contact Person: Michael Sowder
Contact Email: michael.sowder@usu.edu

Promote awareness and practice of mindfulness meditation. We instruct new meditators in proper technique and offer guidance. We also serve as a weekly forum for those who wish to practice meditation in group setting.

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USU Post-Mormons

Contact Person: Marc Allen
Contact Email: usupostmormons@gmail.com

This club is meant as a social and support group for those who have left, are leaving, or are questioning the Mormon faith. Leaving the Mormon church is difficult. This could mean causing friction with and/or losing a support group of friends and family. Making such a life-changing decision can cause a state of cognitive dissonance. A person might feel guilty, doubtful, depressed, confused, angry, and alone. You are not alone! We understand how difficult it is to leave the LDS church. We hope to help ease this burden and provide an area of support for this life-altering decision.

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Contact Person: Ciara Marshall
Contact Email: ciara_marshall7@gmail.com

We exist on USU's campus to provide a friendly atmosphere and social place for those who are secular, atheists, or free thinkers.

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Utah State University Married Student Alliance

Contact Person: Ashley Jensen
Contact Email: ash.r.alanis@gmail.com, ash.alanis@aggiemail.usu.edu

The purpose of the Married Student Alliance is the provide activities where married students can socialize and network. In general, the activities provided to the general student population tend to be centered mainly on the single students. The goal of this club is to help young student families to come together and find new friends that will help enrich their experience here at Utah State University.

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Utah State University Veterans Association

Contact Person: Jake Falcon
Contact Email: USUVeteransAssociation@gmail.com

The USUVA's mission is to provide veterans and alumni of Utah State University, as well as the community an opportunity to interact with each other as well as provide a resource for issues involving various veterans’ organizations. The USUVA also works in the community and within Utah State University to give back to past veterans by providing time, charity, and resources to help improve the quality of life as well as provide awareness and support for current issues concerning veterans.

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