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Utah An Der Ruhr -- Department of Art + Design

This exhibit showcases works of art from the Germany…


Museum + Music: 'The Music of Dane Rudhyar'

Museum + Music: 'The Music of Dane Rudhyar.' Featuring…


Enchanted Modernities - Mysticism, Landscape & the American West

Caine College of the Arts and the Leverhulme Trust…


Exhibitions - 'Black Mountain College' and 'Relational Forms'

Black Mountain College: Shaping Craft + Design. This…

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Clubs: Religious

Aggies for Christ

Contact Person: Trevor Robinson
Contact Email: trevor.robinson@aggiemail.usu.edu

The Aggies for Christ are a group of Christian students sponsored by the Logan church of Christ. Here, college students can be a part of a community of Christians. Newcomers will find their transition much easier because of the many great friends they will make. AFC helps students develop friendships with other Christians that will last a lifetime. Spirituality is strengthened through Bible studies, devos, service projects, weekend trips, and extended mission trips. But, above all, the focus and goal of Aggies for Christ is to glorify, honor, and serve our mighty God and lift up His holy name at Utah State University.

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Contact Person: Ryan Toth
Contact Email: ryan.toth@cru.org

We are a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.

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Dance and Activity Club

Contact Person: Samuel T. Galloway
Contact Email: sam.t.g@aggiemail.usu.edu

To have LDS activities and Dances. Others are invited.

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Ecumenical Campus Ministry

Contact Person: Regina Dickinson
Contact Email: reg1203@hotmail.com

A group for Christian students, faculty, staff, and friends to gather for fellowship, worship, learning, support, and service.

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Freedom Christian Fellowship (FCF)

Contact Person: Rev. Karen Flessner
Contact Email: karen.flessner@usu.edu

A place for international Christan believers to weekly gather in prayer, fellowship, worship, discipleship and to study the Bible.

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Independent Tribe

Contact Person: Leonardo Alfonseca
Contact Email: independenttribe@gmail.com

Independent Tribe is an organization dedicated to bring a different spiritual alternative to students by sharing a biblical message centered around Jesus Christ. This organization seek for motivating students to gather together to have fellowship, study the word of God and reflect on it. The organization is also willing to support service to USU and the Cache Valley Community.

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Interfaith Student Association

Contact Person: David Tauber
Contact Email: davidtauber@aol.com

Provide relevant support to activities related to the campus wide interfaith movement in addition to providing a central loci for students and faculty interested in the movement.

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Contact Person: Dee Allen
Contact Email: dee.allen@aggiemail.usu.edu
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To offer uplifting and high moral standard activities while increasing the spiritualality of all involved.

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Muslim Student Association

Contact Person: Mayran Mohamed
Contact Email: mayran.mohamed09@hotmail.com, muslimstudentsusu@gmail.com

A place that fosters the growth and development of its members through weekly events, lectures, opening of prayer rooms on campus, and volunteer projects.

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Religious Diversity Student Program

Contact Person: Franchesca Vargas-Barrick
Contact Email: chesqui92@aol.com

The purpose of the Religious Diversity Student Program is to provide a nonthreatening atmosphere where students may coordinate service, sponsor religious academic forums and support the positive contributions from all USU religious organizations. An environment of trust and friendship will be sought, displacing fear and prejudice. This program is to serve the needs of all religious backgrounds, not just those of Judeo-Christian traditions. There will be a strong emphasis to expand cross-cultural understanding, experience inter-group discussion and develop a climate of mutual respect. Forums spotlighting different religions will be held throughout the year.

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Contact Person: Stephanie Nella Lenzini
Contact Email: lutheraninlogan@usu.edu

To study and honor God's word through friendship and service

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The Navigators

Contact Person: Jason Barbieri
Contact Email: usunavs@gmail.com
none at this time

We exist to glorify God by making disciples who love God, love others and live to reach their world for Christ through both actions and words.

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USU Chinese Christian Fellowship

Contact Person: Tianyu Chen
Contact Email: usuccf@gmail.com

a. To study the Holy Bible in Chinese to know God. b. To share the Good News of Jesus Christ with students, particularly Chinese students. c. To engage in Christian involvement through mission to campus and community. d. To serve as a spiritual link between the students and their church.

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Utah State Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Contact Person: Mariah Miles
Contact Email: mariah.miles@aggiemail.usu.edu
www.fca.org; https://twitter.com/UtahStateFCA

Since 1954, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been challenging coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ.

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