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Enchanted Modernities - Mysticism, Landscape & the American West

Caine College of the Arts and the Leverhulme Trust…


Wayne Gardening Club

Meet behind the Courthouse in Loa, Ut. We will be…


Science Camp

Meet at the Extension Office in the basement of the…


Tons of Money -- Lyric Rep Stage Production

This spirited farce follows a broke inventor who inherits…


Artisan Aggie Cheese Tasting

Artisan Aggie Cheese tasting & video presentation…

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Clubs: Ethnic & Cultural

American Sign Language Club (ASL)

Contact Person: Joanne Edmonds
Contact Email: aslclub@aggiemail.usu.edu

ASL Club is an organization that is provided to improve sign language skills and Deaf awareness to any person in our local community.

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Anthropology Club

Contact Person: Annette Grove
Contact Email: annette.grove@usu.edu

The USU Anthropology Club exits to promote the learning process of students interested in anthropology and its related disciplines.

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Arabic Club

Contact Person: Ginger Udy
Contact Email: ginger_udy@hotmail.com

To provide learning experiences through the conversation tables, experience Arabic culture through food and cinema and to promote cultural awareness through public involvement and service

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Armenian Students Association (ASA)

Contact Person: Lusine Dokhoyan
Contact Email: lusine.dokhoyan@aggiemail.usu.edu

Armenian Students Association is established for the purpose of providing opportunities for the Utah State University and local community to experience the social and cultural aspects of the Armenian community.

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Beard and Moustache Society of USU

Contact Person: Seth Cook
Contact Email: beardedaggies@gmail.com
In Progess

Among the many purposes of our inclusive society, we strive to incorporate men and women alike, who enjoy the company of others and have an appreciation for all that a beard and/or moustache can represent. We maintain high levels of class and sophistication expected from such a society. The beard and moustache society will play a positive role in the lives of our members, our community and the world.

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Blues for the Horn

Contact Person: Jawahir Ahmed
Contact Email:

We want to raise awareness of the current events of the horn of Africa and organize events to help aide the civilians that are suffering.

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Chinese Club

Contact Person: Justin Van Noy
Contact Email: j.vannoy91@gmail.com

Provide Chinese cultural experiences for Utah State Students and assist those desiring to improve their Chinese language abilities

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Contact Person: Breanne Jacobsen
Contact Email: Bre.jacobsen@aggiemail.usu.edu

To unite students and staff with the common purpose of experiencing German culture; through meetings, activities, education and community development.

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Freedom Christian Fellowship (FCF)

Contact Person: Rev. Karen Flessner
Contact Email: karen.flessner@usu.edu

A place for international Christan believers to weekly gather in prayer, fellowship, worship, discipleship and to study the Bible.

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French Club

Contact Person: Hadrien Malier
Contact Email: hadrien.malier@usu.edu

To have fun learning about French language and francophone cultures. To bring the French-speaking community together.

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Italian Club

Contact Person: Shane McGuire
Contact Email: shanemcg25@gmail.com

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Italian Club

Contact Person: Jonathan McGarry
Contact Email: jonmcgarry2006@yahoo.com

Great place to either refresh or learn the most beautiful language in the world! We could even teach you some amazing cooking skills!

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Japan Club

Contact Person: Kristi Lankford
Contact Email: lankfordkristi466@gmail.com

Unite Japanese and American students on campus and provide fun, interesting, and meaningful activities on campus.

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Latinos in Action USU Chapter

Contact Person: Luis Rodriguez
Contact Email: usulatinosinaction@gmail.com

This club will serve as an established support system that will recruit high school students into higher education but, most importantly, retain them once they are there B. Extracurricular activities. C. Service D. Leadership

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Contact Person: Dee Allen
Contact Email: dee.allen@aggiemail.usu.edu
Search for

To offer uplifting and high moral standard activities while increasing the spiritualality of all involved.

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Medical Unity

Contact Person: Jeff Dickman
Contact Email: jstdickman@gmail.com

To prepare members to operate in a culturally diverse medical environment.

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Medieval Society

Contact Person: Trevor Irish
Contact Email: masterviper12@gmail.com, trevor.irish@aggiemail.usu.edu

We promote local and regional medieval events, organizations, and groups.

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Middle East Club

Contact Person: Porter Illi
Contact Email: porter.n.illi@gmail.com

The USU Middle East Club is for both Arab and non-Arab students alike, with our main objective being mutual understanding and appreciation through linguistic, political, religious and cultural immersion. From political panels, participation in the Model Arab League and Arabic-speaking hours, to pot luck dinners and movie nights; the club hosts numerous activities that help foster an environment of learning, discovery and indeed fun.

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Religious Studies Club

Contact Person: Jedd Cox
Contact Email: jedd.cox@iconfitness.com

Facilitate dialogue, education, and understanding among religious organizations and people. Student run initiatives for exploring religion and culture and academica.

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Russian Club

Contact Person: Ariel Cunningham
Contact Email: ariel.serrell@gmail.com

1. Increasing our knowledge of Russian culture and history. 2. Understanding how to use Russian to enrich our future professional endeavors. 3. Provide service. 4. Creating friendships and memories.

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Contact Person: Seth Drury
Contact Email: SACNAS@usu.edu

SACNAS is a society of scientists dedicated to fostering the success of Hispanic/Chicano and Native American scientists—from college students to professionals—to attain advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in science. The USU Chapter is across several colleges and will promote diversity in sciences to all levels of students and professionals

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Saudi Student Club

Contact Person: Ammar Alnawiser
Contact Email: ammar.nasser1@hotmail.com

present the Saudi culture and help USU Students to get involved with each other

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Spanish Club

Contact Person: Ryan Barnett
Contact Email: ryantbarnett@live.com

Our principle goal is conversation, but we also play games ,watch movies, and do other activities as a group to better our Spanish and learn more about the culture of Spanish speaking areas around the world.

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The Portuguese Club

Contact Person: Newton Neto
Contact Email: newtonneto@aggiemail.usu.edu

To promote awareness of the culture and language of the eight Portuguese speaking countries (Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, and East Timor).

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Turkish Student Association

Contact Person: Ibrahim Celik (Secretary)
Contact Email: icelik@aggiemail.usu.edu

Our ultimate goal is to present Turkish culture in USU and therefore get new students involved in our activities.

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USU Pagan Alliance

Contact Person:
Contact Email:

The USU Pagan Alliance(USUPA) club is available for all USU students who participate in or are interested in Pagan, Earth based spirituality or cultural revivalist traditions. We learn and study together, celebrate the seasons and provide community services. We also provide a positive environment for those students to express their religious beliefs and have discussions with their peers and community. We interact and aid other student organizations and show our school spirit whenever we can! In our meetings we discuss a wide range of Pagan topics of concern from environmental issues, divination, religious paths, occult philosophy, and other topics of interest. We organize movie nights, rituals to celebrate Pagan festivals, trips to visit Pagan shops or attend events. We are an open-minded, relaxed group of people that love to share. There is always a place for new-comers and whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just curious we can’t help but welcome you.

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USU Romanian Club

Contact Person: Jeff Frandsen
Contact Email: frandsen.jeff@gmail.com

The USU Romanian Club celebrates the culture of Romania through fundraisers and events.

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USU Utaku

Contact Person: Stephen Lucas
Contact Email: pale0veil@gmail.com

USU Utaku is a club designed to explore Japan pop culture and its activities.

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