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Clubs: Art & Media

Chinese Club

Contact Person: Justin Van Noy
Contact Email: j.vannoy91@gmail.com

Provide Chinese cultural experiences for Utah State Students and assist those desiring to improve their Chinese language abilities

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Comedy at USU

Contact Person: Emily Stephensen
Contact Email: emilystephensen@gmail.com

To create an environment of comedy on the USU campus and to instruct students in the fundamentals of sketch, improvisational, and stand-up comedy.

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Independent Music Club

Contact Person: Benton Wood
Contact Email: benton.wood@live.com

To have a social music campus

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Medieval Society

Contact Person: Trevor Irish
Contact Email: masterviper12@gmail.com, trevor.irish@aggiemail.usu.edu

We promote local and regional medieval events, organizations, and groups.

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Musicians for Healing

Contact Person: Sierra Summers
Contact Email: 19sierra93@gmail.com

The purposes of our organization are: 1) To create pleasant and beautiful ambiance music for patients and visitors at Logan Regional Intermountain Hospital to enjoy. 2) Provide opportunities for students at USU who play music to give meaningful service in the community.

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Percussion Club

Contact Person: Bryan Carpenter
Contact Email: bryancarpenter2008@gmail.com

To help students interested in percussion to actively enhance the quality of education available to them.

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The Bull Pen

Contact Person: Millie Tullis
Contact Email: millie.tullis@gmail.com

The purpose of the club is to provide students with opportunities to share their own writing, meet professional writers, learn about the writing profession, and become a part of a writing community.

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The New Music Collaborative

Contact Person: Stephen Mitton
Contact Email: stephen@mitton.com

The New Music Collaborative is structured to be an environment for student composers to test their skills with new, standard, and unique ensembles of student-musicians. It can be a time for composers and musicians to learn how to work with one another, learn execution and creation of effective notation, and gain critical communication skills for the working musician. The club is open to anyone but the ability to read music for your first or subsequent secondary instruments (if so desired) is required.

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The Portuguese Club

Contact Person: Newton Neto
Contact Email: newtonneto@aggiemail.usu.edu

To promote awareness of the culture and language of the eight Portuguese speaking countries (Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, and East Timor).

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Theatre Student Association

Contact Person: Sydnee Fullmer
Contact Email: usu_tsa@hotmail.com

provides Utah State University Students with opportunities, social and technical, within the world of the Theatre Arts.

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True Blue Sketch Comedy

Contact Person: Jake Logan Smith
Contact Email: jake_smith_911@msn.com

True Blue Sketch Comedy is a live show that has previously rehearsed original comedic sketches written and performed by cast members. The show will also include some previously recorded sketch videos.

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USU Dance Company

Contact Person: Tracie Paul
Contact Email: traciepaul92@gmail.com

USU Dance Company is an auditioned club where we explore contemporary, ballet, jazz, hip hop, breaking, and countless other styles of dance. We have had several performing opportunities, including the Howl, men and women's basketball halftimes, Mr. USU, and Mardi Gras. We work three times a week for two and a half hours to condition, choreograph, and construct pieces to improve our technique and broaden our dance knowledge and experience. Come try out on September 3rd, at 4:00 in the Kent Concert Hall!

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USU Dancers Club

Contact Person: Emily Petersen
Contact Email: emrpete@hotmail.com

This is a group that meets once a week to learn dance combinations. The styles will vary each week (hip hop, jazz, contemporary, etc). Anyone can come to this class, dancers and non-dancers. There are no auditions and you can join at any point in the semester! It will start with a warm up and then we will learn about 45 seconds of a dance combination. The class will last one hour, and will promote the love of dancing!

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Contact Person: Micheal Eastmond
Contact Email: mowefa@streetdef.com
www.streetdef.com / NA

To have students learn the core values of Hiphop while participating in events and festivals. To have a safe meeting place for like minded people .. To change the stigma of hiphop

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USU Illusionists

Contact Person: Jason Porter
Contact Email: usumagic@gmail.com
Facebook, USU Illusionists

To deliver a fun and safe environment for all individuals with an interest in the art of magic. We offer opportunities to learn, practice, and perform the conjuring art through a variety of venues. Participants will develop self-confidence, communication skills, and personal discipline.

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USU Photo Guild

Contact Person: Lindy Marie Wardell
Contact Email: lulu0490@hotmail.com

To give students an opportunity to supplement their learning experience with student run exhibits, workshops and networking.

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USU Songwriters Guild

Contact Person: Erik Dalton
Contact Email: erikdalton11@aggiemail.usu.edu

To bring Aggies together who share common goals and interests in music; be able to instill confidence in them, and allow them to express themselves through song writing.

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USU Winter Guard

Contact Person: Cory Oliver
Contact Email: coryout87@msn.com

To provide opportunity to the youth in Logan to continue performance, education, and growth in the color guard activity. Also, to promote membership in the USU Aggie Marching Band.

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Utah State Film

Contact Person: Jesse Budd
Contact Email: info@utahstatefilm.com

Centralize film resources and interest on campus; viewing, producing, & discussion films; an avenue for students interested in filmmaking & a resource to network with others; provide easy means of screening films of any special interest.

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Utah State Improv Club

Contact Person: Spencer Barry
Contact Email: spenbear@me.com

Our purpose is to excite people about theatre. We want to help people break out of their shells and show, through improv, the power theatre holds. By playing games, doing exercises and educating people about the theatre arts, we plan to build up the theatre arts here at Utah State University. We also plan to do annual improv shows, educate anyone willing to learn, help develop public speaking skills and quick wits, and bring laughter to the students.

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