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Utah An Der Ruhr -- Department of Art + Design

This exhibit showcases works of art from the Germany…


Museum + Music: 'The Music of Dane Rudhyar'

Museum + Music: 'The Music of Dane Rudhyar.' Featuring…


Enchanted Modernities - Mysticism, Landscape & the American West

Caine College of the Arts and the Leverhulme Trust…


Exhibitions - 'Black Mountain College' and 'Relational Forms'

Black Mountain College: Shaping Craft + Design. This…

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Clubs in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Anthropology Club

Contact Person: Annette Grove
Contact Email: annette.grove@usu.edu

The USU Anthropology Club exits to promote the learning process of students interested in anthropology and its related disciplines.

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C.L.A.P. for Change

Contact Person: Chris Fairbanks
Contact Email: chris.fairbanks@aggiemail.usu.edu

An organization for Pre Law, Criminal Justice, and Political majors to analyze current laws and policies that need revision and thus advocate the needed reforms. To discuss local and state vague laws those exist and inform the public of these vague laws so as to reduce the excessive burden of needless cases that traffic through the state and county justice system. We as a whole will refine ourselves in preparation to enter the Political and Legal arena so as to be better prepared to make a noticeable difference.

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Comedy at USU

Contact Person: Emily Stephensen
Contact Email: emilystephensen@gmail.com

To create an environment of comedy on the USU campus and to instruct students in the fundamentals of sketch, improvisational, and stand-up comedy.

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Communication Studies Club

Contact Person: Angie Anderson
Contact Email: angie.mander@gmail.com

A. To provide greater opportunities for faculty and student interactions B. To provide social activities and events for the membership C. To provide learning opportunities as it applies to the field and study of communications

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French Club

Contact Person: Hadrien Malier
Contact Email: hadrien.malier@usu.edu

To have fun learning about French language and francophone cultures. To bring the French-speaking community together.

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Graduate Association of Political Science Students

Contact Person: Amanda Leifson
Contact Email: usugapss@gmail.com

The mission of the Graduate Association of Political Science Students, or GAPSS, is to promote the academic and social interactions of political science graduate students with faculty and staff at Utah State University. Through planning, coordinating, and carrying out events to promote these goals, GAPSS will provide a venue wherein students and faculty can work together to promote research, academic findings and achievement, and participate in enriching social experiences.

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Italian Club

Contact Person: Jonathan McGarry
Contact Email: jonmcgarry2006@yahoo.com

Great place to either refresh or learn the most beautiful language in the world! We could even teach you some amazing cooking skills!

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Italian Club

Contact Person: Shane McGuire
Contact Email: shanemcg25@gmail.com

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Japan Club

Contact Person: Kristi Lankford
Contact Email: lankfordkristi466@gmail.com

Unite Japanese and American students on campus and provide fun, interesting, and meaningful activities on campus.

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Marriage and Family Therapy Student Association

Contact Person: Michael
Contact Email: michael.q.king@aggiemail.usu.edu

The Marriage and Family Therapy Student Association (MFTSA) has a three-fold mission. The first is to provide undergraduate students who are interested in Marriage and Family Therapy with basic information regarding the field and prepare these students to apply and attend graduate school. Second, the MFTSA looks to inform students of meaningful research and service opportunities at Utah State and within the community. Lastly, the MFTSA looks to raise awareness of Marriage and Family Therapy at Utah State and within the community.

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Medical Unity

Contact Person: James Rohwer
Contact Email: james.rohwer@aggiemail.usu.edu

To prepare members to operate in a culturally diverse medical environment.

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Middle East Club

Contact Person: Porter Illi
Contact Email: porter.n.illi@gmail.com

The USU Middle East Club is for both Arab and non-Arab students alike, with our main objective being mutual understanding and appreciation through linguistic, political, religious and cultural immersion. From political panels, participation in the Model Arab League and Arabic-speaking hours, to pot luck dinners and movie nights; the club hosts numerous activities that help foster an environment of learning, discovery and indeed fun.

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MSLT club

Contact Person: Val Jackson
Contact Email: val.jackson@aggiemail.usu.edu

The purpose of this club is to connect, through its activities, current and former MSLT students in practices of second language teaching and in critical discussion of current research of Second Language Acquisition.

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Phi Alpha Honor Society

Contact Person: Jessica Lucero
Contact Email: jessica.lucero@usu.edu

To recognize and promote scholastic achievement among students and faculty involved in the undergraduate or graduate social work program at Utah State University. To recognize, improve and further the goals of social work in the community,state, nation and world. To stimulate interest in preparation for a career in social work. To encourage continued study and research at the undergraduate level, the graduate level, and in professional practice. To recognize those professional social workers and others whose service, contributions and leadership are held in esteem.

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Phi Alpha Theta

Contact Person: Evan Hall
Contact Email: evanhall62@gmail.com

An honor society for history majors and enthusiasts that promotes the love of history by sponsoring activities and service projects.

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Public Relations Student Society of America

Contact Person: Kelsey Richardson
Contact Email:

To give the PR students a way to gain experiences in the field outside of the class.

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Religious Studies Club

Contact Person: Jedd Cox
Contact Email: jedd.cox@iconfitness.com

Facilitate dialogue, education, and understanding among religious organizations and people. Student run initiatives for exploring religion and culture and academica.

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Russian Club

Contact Person: Ariel Cunningham
Contact Email: ariel.serrell@gmail.com

1. Increasing our knowledge of Russian culture and history. 2. Understanding how to use Russian to enrich our future professional endeavors. 3. Provide service. 4. Creating friendships and memories.

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Spanish Club

Contact Person: Ryan Barnett
Contact Email: ryantbarnett@live.com

Our principle goal is conversation, but we also play games ,watch movies, and do other activities as a group to better our Spanish and learn more about the culture of Spanish speaking areas around the world.

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The Bull Pen

Contact Person: Millie Tullis
Contact Email: millie.tullis@gmail.com

The purpose of the club is to provide students with opportunities to share their own writing, meet professional writers, learn about the writing profession, and become a part of a writing community.

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USU College Democrats

Contact Person: Briana Bowen
Contact Email: usudems@gmail.com

Provide information to students concerning current events and enable students to become politically involved with the Democratic Party.

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USU College Republicans

Contact Person: Mark Warren
Contact Email: markwarrenbusiness@gmail.com

The mission of the Utah State University College Republicans is to create awareness of conservative beliefs and ideas on campus, increase political awareness among our members, campaign and volunteer for Republican candidates and provide a social network for conservative students. We help advance the Republican cause through activism, education, events and involvement on the Utah State University campus, throughout Cache Valley and the State of Utah. We are the Best Party on Campus!

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USU Student Magazine Club

Contact Person: Max Parker Dahl
Contact Email: m.p.dahl@aggiemail.usu.edu

A. To create student-produced magazine targeted towards current students at Utah State University. B. To foster, through the magazine, a sense of community across the university, transcending individual departments. C. To provide real-life work experience for talented writers, artists and future business leaders. D. To explore the varied aspects of student life, provide a means of expression for students and celebrate the diversity and accomplishments of individual students and the university as a whole.

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Young Americans for Liberty

Contact Person: John Delaney
Contact Email: yalusu2@gmail.com
www.yaliberty.org, http://www.facebook.com/groups/29587132694/

Educate and mobilize youth activists committed to winning On principle.

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