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Enchanted Modernities - Mysticism, Landscape & the American West

Caine College of the Arts and the Leverhulme Trust…


Graduate School Fair

Career Services is happy to host fairs affording…


Tanner Talk -- Feast or Famine - Feeding a Hungry World in the 21st Century

Tanner Talk - Provost Noelle Cockett will present this…


Biology Seminar: John McCutcheon, PhD, Div. of Biological Sciences, UofMontana

Dr. John McCutcheon, assistant professor in the Division…


Gasa Gasa Girl Goes to Camp:The Watercolors and Words of Lily Yuriko Nakai Havey

In this newly published memoir, Lily Havey combines…

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Contact Person: Landon Hillyard
Contact Email: landon.hillyard@gmail.com

The advancement of science and engineering relating to the atomic nucleus, and of allied sciences and arts.

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AG- ri - CULTURE Club

Contact Person: Kevin Corn
Contact Email: kevinjcorn@gmail.com

The promotion of the Agriculture Industry through real world experience.

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Aggie Advocates for Disability

Contact Person: Sara Slatter
Contact Email: aggieadvocates.usu@gmail.com

The purpose of Aggie Advocates for Disability is to improve the lives of people with disabilities through social awareness, and to advocate for people with disabilities and their families through educating the general public and professionals, raising funds for schools, families, and organizations, and providing service.

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Aggie Anglers

Contact Person: Casey Snider
Contact Email: csnider@tu.org

A club designed to promote angling opportunities for college students as well as maintaining the areas they love to fish.

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Aggie Game Nights

Contact Person: Taylor underwood
Contact Email: tunderwooduw21@gmail.com

Aggie Game Nights is a social gaming club at Utah State University. We play a variety of tabletop games. We meet Fridays, 7pm to midnight in Engineering 201 (http://www.usu.edu/map/index.cfm?id=32). Bring friends & games. Everyone is invited! https://groups.google.com/group/aggie-game-nights https://www.facebook.com/groups/Aggie.Game.Nights/

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Aggie Ski Club

Contact Person: Will Hamann
Contact Email: aggieskiclub@gmail.com

The purpose of the Aggie Ski Club is to create a community for snow sports enthusiasts at Utah State University.

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Aggies Against the Grain

Contact Person: Meghan Graham
Contact Email: meghan.graham@live.com

To raise awareness about Celiac Disease and Gluten Allergies in the community, and to offer support to those that live gluten-free.

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Aggies Cricket Club

Contact Person: John Manoha
Contact Email: johnmanoha@agiemail.usu.edu

The Aggies Cricket Club will be a non-profit Student Organization at the Utah state University,Logan, USA. The specific goals of the organization are: 1. To spread the game of cricket among the students and staff of the university as well as the community around it 2. To help create the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the playing of cricket 3. To form a University cricket team that would participate in various leagues / tournaments (eg. Cricket League of SLC, American College Cricket League, etc).

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Aggies for Change

Contact Person:
Contact Email:

Our mission is to promote a sense of philanthropy among the current USU students so that they too can be counted among the many generous alumni who support the wonderful programs at our great university.

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Aggies for Christ

Contact Person: Trevor Robinson
Contact Email: trevor.robinson@aggiemail.usu.edu

The Aggies for Christ are a group of Christian students sponsored by the Logan church of Christ. Here, college students can be a part of a community of Christians. Newcomers will find their transition much easier because of the many great friends they will make. AFC helps students develop friendships with other Christians that will last a lifetime. Spirituality is strengthened through Bible studies, devos, service projects, weekend trips, and extended mission trips. But, above all, the focus and goal of Aggies for Christ is to glorify, honor, and serve our mighty God and lift up His holy name at Utah State University.

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Aggies for Common Ground

Contact Person: Jennifer Dallin
Contact Email: jenn.cgadventures@gmail.com
Facebook Page in Progress

Aggies for Common Ground is a club designed to get students involved with Common Ground Outdoor Adventures. This local non-profit organization provides adaptive outdoor recreation to people with disabilities. The club will plan and run fundraisers and activities for the participants at Common Ground. Aggies for Common Ground will give you the opportunity to meet new people, serve in your community, build your resume, and have a great time while doing it!

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Aggies For Liberty

Contact Person: Zach Volin
Contact Email: zachary.volin18@aggiemail.usu.edu

We, Students For Liberty, will work to promote the ideas of classical liberalism, these being the protection of individual freedoms both economic and social. We believe that only through the protection of individual liberty, can peace and prosperity exist. In order to achieve these goals, we advocate for the reduction of government and other authorities to their constitutional bounds, and to deny them the exercise of power beyond their legal constraints. This advocacy shall be realized through engaging and educating the student body and supporting political candidates who espouse these ideals.

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Agricultural Communication Club

Contact Person: Lindsey Snyder
Contact Email: lsnyder94@gmail.com

To foster career development among future agricultural communicators. To facilitate public relations and communication within the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences. To encourage student involvement in the university, community, and industry.

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Alpha Eta Rho - USU Pilot Club

Contact Person: Austin Hull
Contact Email: hull.austin.09@gmail.com

The Pilot Club at Utah State provides students who have an interest in aviation and environment to interact with fellow aviation enthusiasts.

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Alpha Tau Alpha

Contact Person: Jordan White
Contact Email: jordan.g.white@aggiemail.usu.edu

Alpha Tau Alpha is a National Professional Honorary Agricultural Education Organization that plays a vital role in the preparation of those who have chosen a major in agricultural education or extension education.

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American Association of Equine Practitioners

Contact Person: Loren Normandeau
Contact Email: lorenn@vetmed.wsu.edu

To create and enhance knowledge of Equine medicine among veterinary students.

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American Sign Language Club (ASL)

Contact Person: Joanne Edmonds
Contact Email: aslclub@aggiemail.usu.edu

ASL Club is an organization that is provided to improve sign language skills and Deaf awareness to any person in our local community.

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American Society of Landscape Architects

Contact Person: Sam Taylor
Contact Email: s.taylor@aggiemail.usu.edu

The Purpose of the Student chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is to support and mirror the mission of the national ASLA. The Student chapter also endeavors to aid and add value to a students education within the LAEP department and the College of Agriculture.

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Contact Person: Orrin Pope
Contact Email: orrin.pope@gmail.com

To provide opportunities for engineering students to enhance their education with networking activities and engineering-centered projects.

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Amnesty International: Utah State Chapter

Contact Person: Jason Whitaker
Contact Email: Jason.whitaker@aggiemail.usu.edu

Our main purpose is to inform Utah State University students and the local public about global and local injustices and promote human rights.

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Anthropology Club

Contact Person: Annette Grove
Contact Email: annette.grove@usu.edu

The USU Anthropology Club exits to promote the learning process of students interested in anthropology and its related disciplines.

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Arabic Club

Contact Person: Ginger Udy
Contact Email: ginger_udy@hotmail.com

To provide learning experiences through the conversation tables, experience Arabic culture through food and cinema and to promote cultural awareness through public involvement and service

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Armenian Students Association (ASA)

Contact Person: Lusine Dokhoyan
Contact Email: lusine.dokhoyan@aggiemail.usu.edu

Armenian Students Association is established for the purpose of providing opportunities for the Utah State University and local community to experience the social and cultural aspects of the Armenian community.

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Arnold Air Society

Contact Person: Brandon Hustead
Contact Email: brandon.hustead@aggiemail.usu.edu,

First Objective: To create a more efficient relationship among Air Force officer candidates, in particular within the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. Function of the First Objective: To provide opportunities for a greater interaction among collegiate level Air Force officer candidates and to encourage increased communication with Air Force officers and leaders in national defense, government, and industry. Second Objective: To aid in the development of effective Air Force officers. Function of the Second Objective: To provide more opportunities for Air Force officer candidates to exercise leadership, management, organizational, and public relations skills. Third Objective: To further the purpose, traditions, and concepts of the United States Air Force. Function of the Third Objective: To provide opportunities for officer candidates to participate in campus and community service activities, demonstrating the close relationship between civilian and military institutions.

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Association for Information Systems

Contact Person: Kayla Spencer
Contact Email: kayla.spencer@aggiemail.usu.edu

The purpose of AIS is to help students who are interested in Information Systems (IS) to get networked with professionals, gain the skills needed to get employed, and ultimately get a great career in IS.

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Autism Speaks U at Utah State University

Contact Person: Lyndsay Nix
Contact Email: lyndsay.nix@usu.edu

To spread awareness and be advocates for the autism community.

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Aviation and Aerospace Welding Club

Contact Person: Jeff Baldwin
Contact Email: Jeff.Baldwin@usu.edu

To provide students with the opportunity to learn about welding and support student projects.

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