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Enchanted Modernities - Mysticism, Landscape & the American West

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Utah An Der Ruhr -- Department of Art + Design

This exhibit showcases works of art from the Germany…


CAAS Week Opportunity Expo

Kicking off College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences…


College of Agriculture and Applied Science (CAAS) Week

College week, events happening every day!

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Tau Beta Pi

Contact Person: Jess Housekeeper
Contact Email: jesshousekeeper@gmail.com

Provide recognition to outstanding engineering students and service to the community.

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Technology and Engineering Club

Contact Person: Cory Ortiz
Contact Email: cory.ortiz@iechs.org

The mission of the Utah State University (USU) Technology and Engineering Education Club (TEEC) is to enhance the educational, professional, and social experiences for its members.

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The American Society for Engineering Education at

Contact Person: Harry Santoso
Contact Email: harry.santoso@aggiemail.usu.edu

The purpose of this organization shall be: • To establish a welcoming social environment for students, faculty, and members of the Utah State University community interested in engineering education. • To provide an accessible forum for the exchange of ideas, theories, and techniques related to engineering education. • To create opportunities for students to implement and develop effective methods and techniques for engineering education. • To lead local innovation in the theory and practice of engineering education through the practical application of new techniques. • To share the success and ambitions of the members of this organization with the broader academic community of the colleges of engineering and education at Utah State University and the surrounding community.

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The Bull Pen

Contact Person: Millie Tullis
Contact Email: millie.tullis@gmail.com

The purpose of the club is to provide students with opportunities to share their own writing, meet professional writers, learn about the writing profession, and become a part of a writing community.

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The Dawn Breakers

Contact Person: Nathan Ruben
Contact Email: nathan@rubenengineering.com

To encourage students to rettire to bed and arise at reasonable hours in order to make the most of their day.

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The Heads: USU’s Club Ad Agency

Contact Person: Lauren Wallentine
Contact Email: laurentuttle@ymail.com

The Heads provides a place for other clubs and organizations on campus to get professional branding, web design and paper/document design created by English and graphic design majors. It allows the members of the club to gain professional experience working for a client, with graphic designers, and with English majors as well as build their own portfolios. We hope to improve the credibility of USU’s English and graphic design programs.

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The HowTo Club

Contact Person: Colin Reeder
Contact Email: dimecat@gmail.com

The end goal is to research, condense, and apply knowledge successfully and effectively as a club.

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The National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Contact Person: Briana Hatfield
Contact Email: briana.hatfield@aggiemail.usu.edu

NSCS exists to recognize and elevate high-achievers. We are dedicated to the ideals of Scholarship, Leadership and Service; ideals that are evident in every benefit and scholarship we offer. For over 17 years, our members have been united by scholarship and empowered to succeed.

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The Navigators

Contact Person: Jason Barbieri
Contact Email: usunavs@gmail.com
none at this time

We exist to glorify God by making disciples who love God, love others and live to reach their world for Christ through both actions and words.

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The New Music Collaborative

Contact Person: Stephen Mitton
Contact Email: stephen@mitton.com

The New Music Collaborative is structured to be an environment for student composers to test their skills with new, standard, and unique ensembles of student-musicians. It can be a time for composers and musicians to learn how to work with one another, learn execution and creation of effective notation, and gain critical communication skills for the working musician. The club is open to anyone but the ability to read music for your first or subsequent secondary instruments (if so desired) is required.

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The Portuguese Club

Contact Person: Newton Neto
Contact Email: newtonneto@aggiemail.usu.edu

To promote awareness of the culture and language of the eight Portuguese speaking countries (Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, and East Timor).

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The Utah State University Finnish Club

Contact Person: Matthew Clegg
Contact Email: matthclegg@gmail.com

Provide opportunities for Finnish speakers to maintain and enhance their language skills and learn more about the Finnish culture.

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Theatre Student Association

Contact Person: Sydnee Fullmer
Contact Email: usu_tsa@hotmail.com

provides Utah State University Students with opportunities, social and technical, within the world of the Theatre Arts.

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Thrills on Wheels

Contact Person: Kinzie Hamilton
Contact Email: khaminator@gmail.com
facebook group Thrills on Wheels

We roller blade around campus, make new friends, perform service in the community, and have fun! We prefer roller blades but any set of wheels will do ( long board, bike, skate board, rip stick, razor scooter, unicycle) You will have the best time of your life if you join our awesomely, cool, legit, and retro club! Once a month we will be participating in a service project.

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True Blue Sketch Comedy

Contact Person: Jake Logan Smith
Contact Email: jake_smith_911@msn.com

True Blue Sketch Comedy is a live show that has previously rehearsed original comedic sketches written and performed by cast members. The show will also include some previously recorded sketch videos.

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Turkish Student Association

Contact Person: Ibrahim Celik (Secretary)
Contact Email: icelik@aggiemail.usu.edu

Our ultimate goal is to present Turkish culture in USU and therefore get new students involved in our activities.

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