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Enchanted Modernities - Mysticism, Landscape & the American West

Caine College of the Arts and the Leverhulme Trust…


Exhibitions - 'Black Mountain College' and 'Relational Forms'

Black Mountain College: Shaping Craft + Design. This…


Connection: A Printmaking Exhibit

This event will be held in the Tippetts Exhibit Hall.


Physics' November Demo Show

A popular, pre-Thanksgiving week tradition continues with…

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Contact Person: Grant Holyoak
Contact Email: grant.holyoak@aggiemail.usu.edu

Working with UNICEF, the campus initiative club works for children's rights. We focus on three different areas: Educating, Advocating, and Fundraising. We raise awareness of the different current events happening around the world that are effecting the lives of children. We believe that zero children should die from a preventable cause.

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USU Aggie Winter Guard

Contact Person: Melanie Bateman
Contact Email: mel.bateman@hotmail.com

To give young adults at Utah State University and Cache Valley the opportunity to participate in an independent winter guard. To assist these young adults in learning how to work individually and as a team.

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USU Aikido Club

Contact Person: Elliot Scheelke
Contact Email: escheelke@gmail.com

To give students interested in Aikido an opportunity and environment to practice and share Aikido.

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USU Applied Mathematics Club

Contact Person: Matthew Lewis
Contact Email: matthew.lewis@aggiemail.usu.edu

To increase interest in mathematics throughout the USU campus and community through guest speakers, short seminars on computational methods, competitions in mathematics, introductory classes on computational software and teacher training workshops. These activities will have the added benefit of allowing for collaboration between upper level undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty in developing projects and lessons which connect mathematical topics to real problems and applications.

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USU Big Band Swing Club

Contact Person: Patrick Brown
Contact Email: usubigbandswing@gmail.com

To have a fun social environment to learn and practice BBS dancing.

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USU Boarders

Contact Person: Brenden Whitelaw
Contact Email: Brenden.whitelaw@aggiemail.usu.edu

This club is to unite all boarders with wheels, and to teach all those who want to learn how to ride a board with wheels. (longboard, skateboard, Penny Board, Custom boards) Ideas, and skills, and techniques will be shared between members to improve skills and boarding technique.

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USU Chinese Christian Fellowship

Contact Person: Tianyu Chen
Contact Email: usuccf@gmail.com

a. To study the Holy Bible in Chinese to know God. b. To share the Good News of Jesus Christ with students, particularly Chinese students. c. To engage in Christian involvement through mission to campus and community. d. To serve as a spiritual link between the students and their church.

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USU Collegiate 4-H

Contact Person: Lauralee Lyons
Contact Email: lauralee.lyons@usu.edu

To provide members with a sense of identity on campus, enrich their lives through group projects and recreation, and to develop confidence and leadership skills. Enhance youth development through direct service to 4-H members and other young people.

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USU Concrete Canoe

Contact Person: Nathan Fox
Contact Email: nat.rob.fox@aggiemail.usu.edu, nerdtyler@hotmail.com, natedecker7@gmail.com,albert.allison@yahoo.com

As part of the American Society of Civil Engineers, we build and race concrete canoes each year.

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USU Country Swing Club

Contact Person: Emma Martino
Contact Email: emma.lou.martino@gmail.com

To give students a chance to learn, practice and dance country swing.

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USU Dance Company

Contact Person: Tracie Paul
Contact Email: traciepaul92@gmail.com

USU Dance Company is an auditioned club where we explore contemporary, ballet, jazz, hip hop, breaking, and countless other styles of dance. We have had several performing opportunities, including the Howl, men and women's basketball halftimes, Mr. USU, and Mardi Gras. We work three times a week for two and a half hours to condition, choreograph, and construct pieces to improve our technique and broaden our dance knowledge and experience. Come try out on September 3rd, at 4:00 in the Kent Concert Hall!

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USU Dancers Club

Contact Person: Kiley Jarman
Contact Email: kileymjarman@gmail.com

This is a group that meets once a week to learn dance combinations. The styles will vary each week (hip hop, jazz, contemporary, etc). Anyone can come to this class, dancers and non-dancers. There are no auditions and you can join at any point in the semester! It will start with a warm up and then we will learn about 45 seconds of a dance combination. The class will last one hour, and will promote the love of dancing!

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USU Disc Golf Club

Contact Person: Lars Kochendorfer
Contact Email: Lars.Koch@aggiemail.usu.edu

The purpose is to promote the sport of disc golf at Utah State University and the surrounding areas through club events, course development, educational demonstration and student involvement.

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USU eSports Club

Contact Person: Ryan Aposhian
Contact Email: usuleagueofgamers@gmail.com

The purpose of the club is to provide a friendly environment for gamers of all interests to learn about and associate with gamers of similar or different interests and skill levels.

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USU Foosball Club

Contact Person: Claudia Schwabe
Contact Email: claudia.schwabe@usu.edu

To have fun playing foosball and to bring different students, faculty, and the Aggie community together.

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USU Meditation Club

Contact Person: Michael Sowder
Contact Email: michael.sowder@usu.edu

Promote awareness and practice of mindfulness meditation. We instruct new meditators in proper technique and offer guidance. We also serve as a weekly forum for those who wish to practice meditation in group setting.

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USU Newman Club

Contact Person: Harrison Kleiner
Contact Email: harrison.kleiner@usu.edu

This organization is an agency of the NNCF to foster the growth of the Newman movement by promotion of the religious, intellectual, and social interest of the members.

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USU Pre-Med Club

Contact Person: Kristin Walker
Contact Email: kristin.walker15@gmail.com

Help Undergraduates prepare for, and get into Medical School.

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USU Student Section of American Nuclear Society

Contact Person: Colby Jensen
Contact Email: colby.jensen@aggiemail.usu.edu

(a) to promote the advancement of science and engineering relating to the atomic nucleus, and of allied sciences and arts; (b) to aid in the integration of the several disciplines constituting nuclear science and technology; (c) to encourage research in nuclear science and technology and in allied fields; (d) to provide access to established scholarships, grants, and awards useful in furthering the foregoing objectives; (e) to hold meetings for the presentation and discussion of scientific and technical papers

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USU SVM Laboratory Animal Medicine Club

Contact Person: Kristen Slattery
Contact Email: knslattery@vetmed.wsu.edu

To provide veterinary students with more knowledge and experience regarding a career in research and laboratory animal medicine by organizing guest lectures, wet labs, and field trips.

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USU Utaku

Contact Person: Stephen Lucas
Contact Email: pale0veil@gmail.com

USU Utaku is a club designed to explore Japan pop culture and its activities.

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USUSCV Surgery Club

Contact Person: Daniel Harmer
Contact Email: danharmer@aggiemail.usu.edu

To give veterinary students additional opportunities to learn surgical skills.

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USUSVM Class of 2017

Contact Person: Joshua Packer
Contact Email: jlpckr@gmail.com

The purpose of the USU SVM c/o 2017 are as follows: A) To meet the requirements to obtain a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree and, B) pursue a lifelong career in veterinary medicine, including continuing education.

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Utah State Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Contact Person: Mariah Miles
Contact Email: mariah.miles@aggiemail.usu.edu
www.fca.org; https://twitter.com/UtahStateFCA

Since 1954, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been challenging coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ.

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Utah State Film

Contact Person: Jesse Budd
Contact Email: info@utahstatefilm.com

Centralize film resources and interest on campus; viewing, producing, & discussion films; an avenue for students interested in filmmaking & a resource to network with others; provide easy means of screening films of any special interest.

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Utah State Off-roading Club

Contact Person: Tanner Ence
Contact Email: tannerence@gmail.com

To meet fellow USU with an interest in offloading, auto mechanics, snowmobiling, four-wheeling and other off-roading events

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Utah State Quidditch Club

Contact Person: Dakota Briggs
Contact Email: Utahstatequidditch@gmail.com, Dakota.briggs1337@gmail.com

Quidditch is a co-ed, full contact sport played on a broom stick! It's one of the most intense and addictive games you'll ever play! Come see for yourself!

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Utah State University Ecology Club

Contact Person: Austin Spence
Contact Email: austin.r.spence@gmail.com

To conduct club programs and activities to promote ecology on campus and in the community, as well as explore career development through field trips, guest speakers, and lab tours.

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