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ARTsySTEM: The Changing Climates of the Arts and Sciences

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The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection: Fifty Works for Fifty States

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Utah Wilderness 50 Photographic Exhibition

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New Student Orientation: SOAR

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New Student Orientation: SOAR

New Student Orientation for new incoming students and…

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GSS Research and Project Grants

Purpose of the Grant

The Graduate Student Senate Research and Projects Grant will be a grant intended for graduate students actively pursuing their graduate degree who can reasonably demonstrate financial need in performing the necessary research or purchasing the necessary materials to complete their degree. It will be available for masters' and doctoral candidates, with masters' candidates working towards a thesis or project report. The award total may only be given once per student. The award amount limit will be $1,000, but may be less if the demonstrated need is less. Should the award amount be less, the remaining amount may (but is not guaranteed) be awarded later to the student to aid in their research; the application and award process will be the same. Please note: it is intended to go to students to offset the costs of their research/graduate work that their major professor, department, and college could not financially support. It is not intended to support travel associated with research, or to support graduate students off of a stipend.

Here's a good question to ask yourself: if you don't get this grant, will your major professor still be able to cover costs of your research/project? If you can answer yes to this question, then you are not eligible for this grant. This is not a grant to subsidize professors' budgets. This is for students who would otherwise have no recourse to cover these costs.

What is the difference between the background that includes a description of the significance of the project/research and the essay detailing the relevance of the research/project to the applicant's degree? The background description is intended to describe why the research or project is relevant to your field. The essay's discussion of relevance is about how your research/project is relevant to your specific degree."

Applications can be turned in at the GSS Office in the Taggart Student Center. For Fall 2011 semester, the deadline is November 4th. Applications will NOT be accepted after this deadline. Applications will be reviewed before Thanksgiving Break (2011) and recipients will be notified prior to the break.

Download the Application Form