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Fraternity Rush Week

Ever Wanted to Join a Fraternity? Rush Week can allow you…


Exhibitions - 'Black Mountain College' and 'Relational Forms'

Black Mountain College: Shaping Craft + Design. This…


Navigating Religious Crisis/Transition

This weekly support group is designed to assist students…


Summer & Student Job Fair

Career Services is happy to host fairs affording…

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Robins Awards Nominations

Awards nominated by faculty, staff and students

  • Val R. Christensen Service Award: This award, established in honor of Val R. Christensen’s outstanding lifetime contribution to volunteerism, is presented to the student or organization whose volunteer service significantly impacted Utah State University and the community. This student or organization shows a level of commitment to volunteerism exemplified by Val R. Christensen, former Vice President of Student Services of Utah State University.
  • Gerald R. Sherratt Award: This award goes to the individual member of the University administration or staff who, through his or her work at Utah State University has displayed superior leadership skills and abilities, as well as unsurpassed dedication and service to students.
  • Organization of the Year: This award is presented to the student organization that demonstrates the excellence of the organization’s stated purpose and service to Utah State University.
  • Woman of the Year: This award is presented to a female student who has made broad significant achievements and contributions to the University during their time at USU and has exemplified those traits, which set her above other classmates.
  • Man of the Year: This award is presented to a male student who has made a significant impact at the University during this year and has contributed to his and his classmates learning experience.
  • Bill E. Robins Memorial Award: This award is presented to the student who represents the best youth has to offer. This student has excelled academically, displayed outstanding leadership ability, shown dedication to Utah State, and possesses traits that set him or her apart as a rare individual. This award, unlike other Robins Awards, is based on total collegiate achievement.

Awards nominated by faculty, staff and respective departments (Dean of College)

Athletic Awards