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Botanical Art Exhibit

2nd Botanical Art Exhibit at the Herbarium (Junction…


Talking Pictures -- Stage Production Matinee Performance

"You mustn’t be scared, Son, we’re going…


Stokes Survival Night

Come put your outdoor survival skills to the test through…


Robins Awards

The Robins Awards are the most coveted of all Utah State…


Talking Pictures -- Stage Production

"You mustn’t be scared, Son, we’re going…

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Service Learning Scholars Application

Admission to this program is competitive and limited to 25 students each year (with a maximum of 100 S-L Scholars enrolled at any one time). To be considered for admission, you must submit a completed application, have a 3.0 cumulative USU GPA (incoming freshmen must have a 3.0 high school GPA), and submit a written essay detailing your interest in service-learning.

This application must include a written essay which can be uploaded here (2 to 5 pages long) on your interest in service-learning. Include how you heard about the Service-Learning Scholars program, what you hope to accomplish within this program and how you think you could benefit from and contribute to a community of scholars who are eager to conduct intellectual/academic work as service. This essay is important! Why are you committed to service and service-learning? Your application will not be considered without the essay.

To receive a Service-Learning Certificate, you must complete a minimum of nine credit hours of approved service-learning courses (with a grade of B or better in each course), record 400 service hours, and develop and complete a senior capstone project and a reflective portfolio. Only hours served the semester of acceptance in the Service-Learning Scholars Program will be accepted.

I hereby authorize the department of Student Involvement and leadership at Utah State University to check my grades for eligibility for the Service-Learning Scholars Program; and if admitted, for all academic terms during enrollment.

I Agree With The Statement Above