There are many museums throughout Utah.  Often these museums will have a unique interest or focus.  Where are the  museums in your area that would have information about your topic?  If you cannot visit them, perhaps a phone call, e-mail or a letter can secure the information you need.  Below is an example of what you might expect to find at a State Museum.

Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum

Edge of the Cedars Museum in Blanding, Utah is only one of dozens of State museums sprinkled throughout Utah.  Its research achives are similar to other museums, but is unique in that it is located at the site of an Ancient Pueblo Indian ruin.  Collections include treasures from Ancient Pueblo's Navajo, and Ute cultures.  The museum is open year round, except for winter holidays and they offer a wide variety public programming. For a current schedule, call 435-678-2238 or e-mail program manager.
The Edge of the Cedars is a museum of Native American culture with an emphasis on prehistoric Puebloan (Anasazi) lifeways.  The museum serves as the archaeological repository for Southeastern Utah.  The museum offers a variety of public programs and changing exhibits; themes include rock art, archaeoastronomy, traditional and contemporary Native American arts and current research in archaeology.This museum contains wonderful exhibits on archaeology, explorations, pottery, and Native American Art.  They have a library, book store, pamphlets, maps, and special collections.  In addition, a branch of the San Juan County Historical Commission has an archive with tapes, photographs, articles, and full sets of Blue Mountain Shadows, a regional historical magazine.

Library facilities
Most museums contain library collections.  The Edge of the Cedars library contains a wide collection of archaeological and Native American resources which can be used by researchers on site.  In the near future the collection will be entered into an on-line data base. File cabinets store maps and documents.
Edge of Cedars librarymaps file

Computer used for translation project at EOC
New computer station secured in 2000 to help translate, index, and create CD's of Navajo oral interview.  The new computer will also be used to help create a web site, and on-line catalog.
Archaeology/artifact lab
Edge of Cedars archaology labarchaeology lab at EOCComputer station in lab
A large lab in the museum is used to document and clean artifacts for the Regional Archaological Repository located at Edge of the Cedars museum.

Edge of the Cedars Gift Shop

Most museums have a shop which sells clothing, books, historic magazines. and tourist curios.
Often you can find good historical resources here.

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