1.       A completed submission form and/or regulatory forms should accompany all submissions (submission forms available from the laboratory). Please provide complete animal health and disease history on submission form.
2.       Test results are provided to the submitting client, to other individuals as authorized by the submitting client, and to state and/or federal regulatory agencies as required by law.
3.       An accession fee of $8.00 is assessed on all diagnostic submissions except those for state or federal disease monitoring programs. This charge covers computing, phone, fax and other diagnostic report communication expenses. A fax charge may also be applied to these submissions.
4.       Fees for laboratory services will be charged to the submitting client. Fees are subject to change without notice. Services will not be offered to clients with accounts that are greater than 90 days past due.
5.       The submitting client is responsible for postage or courier costs, and adherence to mailing and shipping regulations.
6.       Postage and/or courier costs will be added to laboratory charges for specimens forwarded to other laboratories.
7.       Tissues for histopathology should be fixed to reduce autolysis.
8.       Please contact laboratory personnel prior to submitting a large number of specimens.