Diarrheic calves

Fresh tissues / materials

a. Most important
i. Feces from the small colon placed in a red top tube.
ii. Ligated loop of ileum placed into a whirl pack or equivalent bag.
b. Less important
i. Liver, spleen, lung, kidney and mesenteric lymph node placed together in a whirl pack or equivalent bag.

 Fixed tissues

a. Gastrointestinal track (all segments opened lengthwise prior to immersion in formalin).

i. Rumen, reticulum, omasum, abomasums, duodenum, jejunum (several pieces from different areas – pick the most red areas), ileum (most important of all), cecum and spiral colon.

b. Other tissues (no sample more than ¼ inch thick).
i. Most important – lung, heart, liver and kidney.
ii. Less important – thyroid, adrenal gland, mesenteric lymph node, urinary bladder, adrenal gland and portions of the brain.