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Webmaster's Office

Welcome to the Webmaster's Office

The Webmaster's Office is part of the Public Relations and Marketing Office and is responsible for the creation and management of the University Home Page and its second-level pages. It also has responsibility for University-wide sites, including the search section, the "about USU" section, the "Academics" section and others. The office develops and maintains administrative Web sites, including the President's Office, the Provost's Office, the Board of Trustees, the Web Calendar, and Utah State Today.

"The web is the primary way students and faculty learn about USU. This is why the web site must be user-friendly, accessible, attractive, and consistent."

The Webmaster's Office, in coordi-nation with the Office of Public Relations and Marketing, defines communication and marketing strategies for the University web pages. The office provides and organizes efficiently information that users are looking for on the top levels of the University web site.

In coordination with Information Technology, the Webmaster's Office organizes the official web server, manages accounts for administrative offices and ensures that accounts are appropriately named, maintained, and linked.

The office also publishes Web Guidelines/Standards for administrative web sites. The Office acts as a liaison to campus units and provides consulting services and assistance for those who build and maintain Utah State University Web sites.