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Web Site Templates

New templates have been developed in relation with the new design to maitain consistency on the USU Web site. These templates are dynamic and run on the main USU web server. They can also be adapted if you run your web site on a different server. They are fairly easy to use for people who have a good knowledge of HTML and understand CSS (stylesheets).

Who should use the templates?

The new templates are available for everyone but not everyone is required to use these and match the new USU Web site look and feel. However, it is a requirement to adopt these templates if you are one of the central administration offices at Utah State University. Other institutions such as colleges, departments or research centers and others don't have to comply with the new templates but should if they wish to participate in establishing a more consistent USU identity and web presence.

How do I get the new templates?

The new templates are provided by the web communications office but they are not available for download. The webmaster will generally install these on the server because they are dynamic and may require some modifications. In this process, central administration offices that have not yet switch to the new templates have priority. Please contact the webmaster to get started on the process.