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The Utah State University Homepage is the official internet site for the university (http://www.usu.edu). The Home Page is divided into different navigation areas ( header links, "audience" links, About USU, Academics, Student Life, Apply, Outreach, Quick Find) and includes the University news (Utah State Today), and the upcoming events listed in the University Web calendar. The footer also includes a navigation made of the most useful links.

The header includes different categories of links such as the main top links (USU Home, A-Z index, calendars, MyUSU, contact, people/web search) and the "audience links" (future students, current students, faculty & staff, alumni & friends, community & visitors).


The purpose of the Home Page is to create a point of entry and convergence for all the visitors to access the University official information resources and establish the main linkage architecture to the multiple sub-levels. The Home Page also delivers links to recent news and upcoming events of general interest. The main targeted audiences are: prospective students, current students, faculty & staff, alumni & friends, community & visitors.


The University's Home Page is produced by the Web Communications Office (Webmaster's Office), part of the University Public Relations and Marketing office. The Web Communications Office, as part of Public Relations and Marketing, has the responsibility of defining the content, look, feel, interface, links, information architecture, and navigation of the University's official Home Page.

Home Page Linkage Policies

The USU Home Page provides the structure to deliver links that provide official information resources of the institution. The navigation categories include four main areas: the audience pages links, welcome, information and featured links. Resources created by an official unit or a registered organization may be eligible for inclusion in the featured links category for a determined amount of time.

Links determined to be of particular interest for a category of users are grouped in Audience pages which are accessible through five links:

  • Future Students
  • Current Students
  • Alumni & Friends
  • Faculty & Staff
  • Community & Visitors

Links determined to be of particular interest for a category of information are grouped in Information portals which are accessible through 4 main sections:

  • About USU
  • Academics
  • Student Life
  • Aplly

Information portals:

  • About USU/USU at Glance
  • History and Traditions
  • Location
  • Research and Innovation
  • Learning at USU/Academics
  • Search for Degrees
  • Colleges and Departments
  • Student Life/Student Experience
  • Living on Campus
  • Clubs and Student Involvement
  • Recreation and Wellness
  • Campus Services
  • Visit Campus
  • Apply
  • Arts and Culture
  • Offices and Services

Linking of appropriate information is accomplished through the Web Communications Office.

Logos, Trademarks, and Licensed Graphics

Official USU logos, seals, and graphics relating to the University may be subject to licensing agreements and any use of these requires approval.

Logos, wordmark and other graphics are available for download on the Public Relations Web site.

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