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USU's Web identity

USU's Web identity is defined by the "look and feel" of the Web site. Each official page in the USU domain should have a commonly defined image that identifies it as part of the University. This follows a number of rules and guidelines, such as the layout, the way the navigation is organized, the colors, etc.. Many people like to have a different look and feel from everyone else. While this allows people to be creative, it actually degrades usability. Users prefer to see pages that feel like they are all part of the same web site. This is why consistency is one of the best usability principles: if pages are the same, users don't have to worry about changes in the navigation or the page layout. Instead, they know that the organization they found on previous pages will repeat in subsequent pages.


By setting up some standards, templates ensure consistency over the web site. For that purpose, new templates have been developed for the redesign . These templates are not available directly for download. On request, the webmaster will install these on the web server and provide a little training on how to use them. To do so, please contact the webmaster.

The templates are made of three main parts that define the general layout of the pages:

The Header

The header groups the University wordmark on the left and the "quick navigation" links on the top. Whether you are using the templates or not, please update your pages so they have these links:

  • USU Home
  • A-Z index
  • calendars
  • MyUSU
  • contact
  • directory
  • search

The "audience" navigation

This navigation is divided into five links that direct users to their audience portal. These portals group categories of links that orient the visitors to the main sites on USU domain.

The Footer

The footer must contain an email link to the person (webmaster) who currently maintains the page.

The footer may also contain a footer navigation.

Minimum Requirements

Whether your website is using the templates or not, sites that are part of the USU domain have to meet the following requirements:

  • Presence of the USU logo on the top left of each page, linking back to the university home page.
  • Presence of the "quick navigation" on the top of each page.
  • The footer of each page must contains a contact link to the person in charge of maintaining the page.

Please refer to the Web Standards Guide for more information.