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Welcome to the Great Basin!

Tour guide with Cheatgrass Charlie on his shoulder My name is Bracken.
I'll be your guide into what author Stephen Trimble memorialized as “the sagebrush ocean”. In 1845, explorer John C. Fremont first recognized the uniqueness of the Great Basin’s internal drainage and coined its name. This vast land covers 75 million acres of dry, rugged landscape as a series of gigantic bowls, with rivers and streams never reaching the sea. Instead, they flow inland to terminal lakes, marshes, and salt flats.

With me as your guide, you will experience the uniqueness of the Great Basin and how invasive weeds are pushing some of its lands toward ecological disaster. These weeds came with aggressive survival strategies but no natural control agents. Unfortunately, we opened the door for their arrival, and sometimes encourage their spread today. Land managers, researchers and concerned citizens are working hard to improve damaged rangelands. By being more informed and proactive, you too can make a difference. Oh, and by the way, you'll probably notice Cheatgrass Charlie...that little weed is always trying to steal the show!

Come and learn as we tour the Great Basin!