Weed Management
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Weed Management

Scientists, land managers, and the public are working together to counteract the effects that invasive weeds are having in the Great Basin. Central to this effort is formulating a strategic plan involving Integrated Weed Management (IWM).Image depicting the use of multiple control techniques IWM is a holistic approach to controlling weeds. Formulating an IWM plan encourages efficient, cost-effective, long-term control of invasive weeds. This approach is comprised of prevention techniques, early detection and rapid response, control methods, and restoring desirable plants to the community. Also, the IWM approach utilizes the latest technology in inventory and monitoring of invasive weeds to organize and focus the weed management efforts.

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Invasive weeds are everyone’s problem. Our actions can have a big impact, for good or bad, on weed invasions. Efforts involving both public officials and community volunteers have been organized. By becoming involved and being aware of your actions, you too can help in the management of invasive weeds.

-Group photo: Loren St. John/Scott Shaff.