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Bjorn Rasmussen

Bjorn Rasmussen

Personal Trainer
Wellness Staff: Personal Trainer
Cell Phone:  435-238-0683
Bjorn graduated from USU in May of 2013 with a degree in Human Movement Science, and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Fitness Promotion (Corporate Wellness). He chose to pursue a degree in this field because he enjoys organizing events, making new friends, and helping others reach their goals.

His passion for exercise comes from his love of outdoor adventure. He has worked as a wildland firefighter for five fire seasons, and spends most of his free time climbing, snowboarding, running, and hiking. Bjorn believes that a fitness program should be as unique as the person for which it was made. He hopes to motivate everyone to live healthy lifestyles by getting them to follow or find their own active passions,
Bjorn is available Tues 12p-4p, Wed 12p-4p, Thurs 12p-5p, and Fri 6:30a-11-30.