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Cathy Mace

Cathy Mace

Wellness Ambassador
Volunteer: Wellness Ambassador
Location:  Up to 3 - CPD
Office Phone:  435-797-2618

I realized a few years ago that I was no longer in shape. Lifting was hard and usually ended in hysterical laughing. Running somewhere brought the same results. Things had to change! I saw an announcement for the noon Water Aerobics class and thought I would take a chance. A wonderful chance it was-I lost 10 pounds and actually developed bicep muscles. I felt so much confidence that I could do something hard. The class taught me you could have fun and exercise at the same time. Now I participate in the after work Fit Club. It is such a fun group to sweat with and the trainers are great. They work with our infirmities and teach us alternative exercises that don’t cause great pain. It make me feel like I can meet the challenge. My wellness goal is to keep exercising and working up to more reps and larger weights. Exercise is so easy to skip for other priorities. If I can have shoulders and biceps like Dayna’s, I will be a happy girl!