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Danene Dustin

Danene Dustin

Wellness Ambassador
Volunteer: Wellness Ambassador
Location:  Career services
Office Phone:  435-797-8185

I have struggled with my weight my entire life, however 16 years ago I became motivated to change my habits and lose the excess weight that had prevented me from leading a completely fulfilling life. I began walking, weight training and eventually began running. To date, I have completed 8 marathons, including two Boston Marathons, and I absolutely love the high I get from running. I also enjoy cooking healthy meals for my family as I try instilling in my children a desire to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into their lives. I realize that I will never quite reach my destination but rather have embarked upon a journey which is so enjoyable. I feel energized and excited about life and love sharing my tips and advice with whomever will listen. Please do contact me if you would like to visit about living a life that will fulfill you!